The Benefits of Recording Important Meetings

Business meetings are a necessity in many industries. While some meetings are just for checking the progress of employees, other meetings can make or break a business. It is those important meetings that need to be handled with great detail in what is said. That is why many professionals use recording equipment to made a digital audio record of their meetings. With a good Dictaphone microcassette transcriber, you can have an accurate account of what was discussed within the meeting. If you are thinking about starting to record your own meetings, here are some of the benefits you can get from taking this first important step.

Accurate Details of What Was Said

One of the biggest benefits of recording meetings with recording equipment is that you can get an accurate description of everything that was said during the meeting. For some industries, this is extremely important. Meetings that deal with important business or legal issues should be recorded for accuracy and evidence in case it is needed at a later date.

A Record for Transcription

Another important benefit of recordings of meetings is that you will have audio to transcribe. Even if you don’t want to keep the original audio tape or you have to erase it due to certain sensitive information, you can have a written transcription written up so that those who need to know what was said will have a file to refer to. With the right recording and transcribing equipment, creating a written transcription can be quick and easy.

Remember the Law

It is important to understand the law when it comes to recording meetings. In many states, everyone involved in the meeting must be notified that a recording is being made. Some states do not require this, but for strong business relationships, this should probably be disclosed at the top of any meeting you decide to record. In some cases, those you meet with may even want to have a transcription of their own to refer back to it when speaking about the topic of conversation to other colleagues.


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Tips for Getting the Most Out of Post-Mortem Meetings

One of the best times in success is the end of a project. The end is perceived as better than the beginning. This is because you can reflect on the past things to learn from your mistakes and uphold the good practices for the future. The end of the project means you have invoiced the client, you’ve sent the final deliverable, and thinking about the next project. The post-mortem meeting is the only piece that remains before you sit to enjoy the proceeds of the project. Any project has post-mortems as some of its integral parts. Therefore, let us look at some of the tips to getting the most out of the post-mortem meetings.

1. For every project, run a post-mortem

When a project is smaller in scope, many companies feel like there is no need of the project post-mortems. However, this is a misguided way of perception. Post-mortems can be extremely insightful and valuable for any project or size. While issues emanating from smaller projects may not make a big difference, they may indicate a larger problem coming forward. Even when the issue is not impacted negatively, there are many devastating effects that can be carried forward from the past project if they are not solved in good time.

2. Share the agenda before the meeting

Just like other meetings, the agenda of the post-mortem meeting should be relayed to the people ahead of time so that they can be prepared of what to highlight when given a chance. Sometimes teams think that it is hard to formulate agendas before the meeting kicks off. However, the agenda of a post-mortem meeting is often simple. However, these simple agendas have an impact on the overall success of the meeting. In the least, you can create the simple agendas to relay them to their emails before the meeting sets off.

3. Circulate a questionnaire by circulating

When you are about to send the agenda to the meeting participants, ensure that you have a pre-meeting questionnaire that must be completed by everyone before the meeting is completed. This ensures that everyone is in good order with the key takeaways in the meeting. Therefore, you can spend all your time in the meeting to discuss the points rather than identifying them. While you may be tempted to get to the meeting to speak in general, it is good that the details of the meeting be taken to another level.

4. Include clients in the post-mortem meetings

This is one of the most debatable parts of the post-mortem meetings. During these briefs, some people say that the clients can be part of the most important sections of better business performances. Their feedback can be very important towards solving the problems ahead of time so that people don’t repeat the same mistakes. Sometimes they can point out to mistakes that may not be seen by the general people. For some people, they say that the honest voice of the client makes the post-mortems meetings productive.


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Is It The Right Choice To Go For A-Levels?

In the world where students are spoilt with choices for their post-secondary education, it is vital that you learn as much as possible about the options you get. Just like any other career options such as French baccalaureate or the Swiss maturite, the A-levels are also one of these courses that can certainly prove to be a ticket for you to reach the universities all over the world. Since these courses are available for the students, probably of all nationalities, and without concern, about which educational background you come from to meet the entrance exams, it is worthy of understanding the structure and advantages of the a levels in singapore.

Understanding The Importance Of It

The A-level or otherwise known as the “advanced level” programme is a two-year course followed by the general certificate of secondary education (GCSE) in Singapore. The A-levels are the subject-specific qualifications that are provided in about 30 different subjects that include everything from physics to psychology. The preferable age group of the students who go for A-levels courses ranges from 16-18 years old. If a student eagerly wants to study for this course, he or she has to score a C grade or above at the GCSE in the respective subject.

Advantages Of Studying It

The major advantage to the students who want to study the A-levels is that they can study as minimum as 3-4 subjects whereas, in other alternative courses available, they are supposed to master from 7-11 subjects at a time. The ones who are not good in all the subjects can now have the opportunity to focus on a limited range of subjects and strengthen their capabilities in those selected subjects that they are good at. There is no need to study that subject which you do not feel interested in studying and can discard it without having to struggle with it.

Get The Passport To Break Into Top Universities

The A-levels are the specialized and more aimed diploma courses that can be an advantage for some students especially in today’s competitive life where the competition is rapidly increasing when it comes to getting admission in the top universities across the globe for higher studies. Students who successfully tend to complete their A-levels course from Insworld are well prepared and exceptionally trained to tackle all the hurdles of the entrance examinations put by the top universities and get selected conveniently for their higher studies.

Some Things To Know

The student studying the A-levels course must learn to manage his or her time of studying, reading and completing the assignments all by themselves and at the same time be prepared for the seminar-type of lessons and revisions. Not all students have the potential to make up their mind to study this course at such a tender age and might think of studying it later on. On the other hand, most of the students who are good at studies would want to do specialization in more than three subjects at a time that will help them in providing exceptional opportunities to shine later in their career prospectus. So it is best to consider these factors before opting or such courses.…

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Easy Ways for Any Business to Reduce Operating Costs

Operating costs. Nobody likes them, but every body realizes that without them a business doesn’t operate.

Of course, all businesses build theses costs into the price a consumer pays. This is the bare basics of a transaction. However, smart businesses are always looking for ways to reduce their operating costs for the purpose of either reducing the consumer price or increasing their profit margin.

Merge Vendors

If you pay your phone, the internet, and site-hosting bills to different vendors then your company is leaking money. This is simply because you are only receiving individual service rates from each provider.

Give each of your providers a call and tell them what other services and bills you have in your office and ask for a consolidated quote. For example, your phone company can also handle your internet, business landline, employee cell devices, along with managing your website. If billed together, the cost savings are noticeable for a business owner.

Renegotiate your terms

If you like the vendor relationships that you have and would prefer to keep your services segmented, you can still save on these services. It is likely that you are still on rates and prices that, while good for when you signed up years ago, are now outdated and higher than what is currently available. A quick call to your providers can get you an updated rate that can save you money instantly on your overheads.

Office Supplies

Do you know what the difference is between a regular blue pen and one with a nice sponge and a special kind of ink that writes smoother? About $1.75 per unit. Once you consider just how many units your office purchases each month, and then over the year, this small price quickly adds up.

Not just for your pens, but for all of your stationery items, speak with your supplier about switching to their branded products. Most smart office supply companies now provide products from their own range. While these products are often basic, they offer appealing price points for quality products.

Do You Need a Nice Office?

If you regularly see clients at your office then you likely want to show them the best impression possible. This often means housing your entire staff in a central and expensive location. However, all of your staff may not need to work from the same office.

For example, only your client focusing roles really need to be located in an office to receive guests and clients physically. Your support staff and admin crew who spend much of their day browsing sites like the Groupon Coupons page for Sam’s Club are likely to be able to manage their work from a cheaper suite-style location and commute to the central office when and if they are needed.

It isn’t always easy to find ways to cut costs in your own business because you see each part as essential, however, these are four great tips for you to consider which can have a real positive impact on your company’s bottom line.…

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