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It is the dream of architects to come up with the best and diverse duplex designs. Final buyers influences what the duplex builders eventually make. If the duplex design floor plans are attractive, the duplex builders are likely to give them preference which ultimately influences the likings of the final buyers and the kind of home appliances to be accommodated.
If the duplex designs and prices are affordable, prospective buyers will be able to afford and excite the general market.
With well thought out tactics, duplex building can fetch supreme profits possible and eventually increase the shareholders’ value.

What are the advantages of constructing duplexes

Increase in revenue
The design of the duplex is that two family units can leave above each other with separate entrances. The ultimate benefits of these to the owner is that two sources of rental income can be realized. Duplex owners have the advantage of reduced strain in payment of bills like mortgages.
How I Became An Expert on Experts

Maximize on land space
With a design that comes with duplex, land utilization is realized because two units are built above each other. Construction of another duplex is possible because two units are built above each other and not one separately. This has the effect of maximizing the returns in the same piece of land.
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Secrecy is possible with a duplex design because family units uses different entrances to their rooms. The effects of this is that harmony among the neighbours can be observed.

Extra security
With duplex design safety for the dwellers is greatly enhanced because they can look up to each other in case of an attack

Minimized expenses
When two dwellers stay in a common compound, there are costs that are generally shared like, garbage collection, security guard and electric lighting bills for a common area like gate or compounds. Ordinary these are standing costs that must be met whether a person leaves alone. However, with duplex, neighbour will comfortably share thereby reducing the costs by half. Gates and water and electricity cables are some of the installations that can be done jointly thereby reducing the construction costs to some extent.

By adopting duplex designs, there are many advantages than disadvantages unlike when builders constructs separate unit for different dwellers. Therefore, architects should come up with so many attractive duplex designs so that families can be encouraged to leave together. If land scarcity challenge is to be addressed particularly in the urban centres, duplex buildings must be encouraged for habitation by the family units. With mortgage facilities; family units may be encouraged to own their own duplexes. This has an effect of addressing home ownership related challenges. With governments’ policies on housing, duplex building and ownership may be encouraged among the populace.