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Understanding Hair Clippers

Previously heavy duty hair non electric clippers were made that were later used to shear sheep wool. Hair clippers’ blades are always sharpened; they resemble combs which protrude sideways to cut hair. In order to function properly, the blades need to have minimal or no friction, this explains why they must be properly oiled and made from materials that have little friction.

Normally barbers use clippers on women and men with short hair; this is because it cuts their hair excellently and quickly creating an appealing look to the individual. In the old days, manual clippers were used to cut hair. The manual clipper blades worked by squeezing the handles enabling movement of the blades hence hair was cut.

Electric clippers which are more efficient, faster and easy to use have taken over manual clippers in the present. For close shaves, manual clippers are still being utilized therefore they were not entirely replaced. The widespread use of hair clippers was caused by the military and boot camps as they were excellent for close shaves.
Lessons Learned About Clippers

The first hair clipper was developed by Mathew Andis and his wife in 1921. To advertise and sell the hair clippers the man visited Wisconsin barbershops. He later went ahead and created the Andis Clipper Company, this happened in 1922. New electric clippers that reached a wider market replaced this invention. The electric clippers were developed by John Oster in 1928.
What You Should Know About Clippers This Year

There are various models and types of hair clippers. Clippers for both home and salon purposes are made. Each has its abilities, whilst having attachments and blades that are adjustable. Hair clippers used for professional purposes are made with durable materials. Metal is mostly the type of material used for this. The blades are made of stainless steel to protect them from rusting. Ceramic material is also used to make these clippers, they prevent damage and they ensure the blades are sharper for a longer time.

The professionals in the hair industry use the Oster Fast Feed clipper and the Oster Titan clipper in their activities. These models have been widely adopted by hair experts. The Oster Fast Feed clipper is made to be easily adjustable, it is compact enabling easy hold and it can be used the entire day without any problem.

It cuts through hair fast and it is very efficient even though it is small. To cut different hair lengths, the blade sizes can be changed. Tough hair can be managed with this blade, the blade is also not costly.