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Fatal Error in Business Negotiations

If you are a businessman, then the negotiation becomes familiar. You will negotiate with everyone, from your clients, business partners, or employees. Negotiation is the foundation of entrepreneurship. Therefore, it is important to avoid fatal mistakes in business negotiations. The following mistakes in negotiating:


Too Greedy

If you are too aggressive and demanding too much, your relationship with the related will be broken and negotiations will go badly. In business, emotion plays a very important role because it will determine your actions. The desire to press opponents to get a more profitable business deal will surely come up. And sometimes our ego to win in a negotiation will also strengthen. Therefore, it takes high self-awareness and also the humility to overcome this sense of greed.

Not Knowing the Business Negotiation What is running

There are two types of negotiation commonly faced by businesspeople. The first is asset negotiation, which usually happens only once and here it is clear who the winners are and who is the loser. An example of this type of negotiation is at the time of equipment sale. In this negotiation, the seller will maximize the selling price without thinking of the long-term implications of this business deal. By the time this business deal ends, you will not need to work with that buyer again. This type of business negotiation is more aggressive.

The second type of negotiation is when both parties maintain their business relations even after the negotiations end. This type of negotiation is more complex and keep in mind is trust, respect, and admiration have a high value in the business world. All three should be included in the negotiation strategy and also safely protected.

A Risky Gamble

It should be realized that in a negotiation, the other party may just walk away. Yet if this concerns a strategic relationship, it will appear a huge cost for the impact of the negotiations. If a business relationship is an ultimate goal, then you must maintain your aggressiveness or you will lose everything.

At the time of negotiation, keep in mind that the very possibility of errors just because of ego. Therefore, successful negotiators should pay attention to all three of the above to prevent the risk of losing everything.

Such are the Fatal Mistakes in Business Negotiations. Maybe useful.…

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Entrepreneurs Fatal Mistakes that You Must Avoid

Entrepreneurs or businessmen who have not enough knowledge and experience almost certainly make a lot of fatal mistakes in business. Not just beginners, the even senior businessman also can make mistakes. Of course errors in this business should avoid so as not to have a fatal impact on our business continuity.

So what are the mistakes in doing business that we must avoid? Here’s the review.

The Cashier also appointed as Finance Section

Never put the cashier in charge of the company’s finances. If you do, the first mistake in this one business will greatly threaten the company’s survival. Why? Potentially great manipulation of financial statements.

You will definitely find discrepancies between the data in the field and the existing financial statements. This also applies to marketing people. Should not let a marketing person manage the company’s finances. Although his personal nature is neat, thorough and disciplined. Should appoint the right person to focus on handling your business finances.

The Marketing Section Saves Money Too Old

The marketing or sales department should not save too much money. Characteristics of marketing are relatively difficult to save money, so potentially money will use up.

Do not let the sales department in our business save money for the sale in a long time. Should be immediately deposited into the financial section so that the outflow of funds can be more controlled.

No Repercussions

When it should fire an employee or remove a member of a business team, it does not have the heart to defend. Though the person is not productive, or even a parasite that damages the system within the company. Do not let someone like this in our company, so as not to bring negative effects that threaten the business.

An entrepreneur must have the mental to fire people. Of course with reason that can be accounted for. If not, a greater loss would befall the company. The nightmare of a bankrupt company and other innocent employees will be affected.

It’s better to fire someone who deserves to be fired. Rather than sacrificing those who contribute positively to the company.

Not Strict

So Leaders in our own business certainly give us more power. Includes the authority to make policy or decisions. If you can not be firm, the people in the company will be a lot of violators. Some even dare to repeat it many times.

Be firm to yourself and also to employees. This will be a positive role model for them. Thus, you will be respected and respected as a leader.

Unite Personal Money with Company Money

This is one very fatal mistake. Company money can be used unintentionally for personal use. So it does not feel the balance of the company suddenly becomes zero. Our business will quickly go bankrupt.

We recommend separating personal financial management with the company. Do not just because the business is self-owned, so casually in the finances. Save the finances in different savings accounts.

Separate your salary as the business owner from income, with reasonable amount only. Do not take company money, unless pressed. But do not forget to be returned.

Undisciplined Entrepreneurs

The more tolerant, then we will be further away from the goals in business. Discipline for a businessman is a mandatory thing that should take precedence.

The discipline of time, discipline in carrying out the plans that prepare. Discipline in recording finances and discipline in other respects. If no discipline, there must be chaos in business. The company will be difficult to develop because many things are not right.

We do not want our business to run aground. Especially just because of the trivial things that we actually realize. Hopefully useful for those of you who will start and also who is running a business.…

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Plastic Gift Cards – Recycling Ideas

Plastic Gift Cards – Recycling Ideas

With Christmas well and truly out of the way, and the mountains of gift cards both given and received now spent up, and taking up space in our purses and wallets; it is hard to know what to do with them.

It is practically an inbuilt reaction to refrain from throwing plastic cards away, not because we are super environmentally conscious (although we know we should be), it is because we feel wrong throwing something away that looks and feels like a bank card – it just feels really unnatural.

The solution… recycle the cards. You may find that some companies are now printing their gift cards on biodegradable materials, however the majority are still printing PVC plastic cards.

There are now lots of options for how to recycle used up cards, you can go online and search for the various options available. There is now a number of companies online offering card return recycling.

Alternatively, there is a growing trend of people customizing old gift cards and plastic cards themselves to create things like coasters, notebooks and even jewellery, however if that is a bit too time consuming and adventurous then the good old recycling strategy will ease not only your conscience but also space in your purse.

There is also the glaringly obvious way to recycle your plastic cards, which is so simple, we don’t know why we haven’t thought of it before… but.. you could also, wait for it… top it up again and give it as a gift card to somebody else, this not only clears it out of your way, but it is not using up extra resource, and its also another family birthday/present you don’t have to think about. Most stores allow you to keep topping up a card for reuse. However, bear in mind who you are giving it to, you don’t want to give your great aunt a gift card for a sexy lingerie store, as funny as that would be.

There we go then, quite a few options of how to be environmentally friendly and not just waste perfectly good plastic gift cards by throwing them in the bin.…

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Custom Plush Toys – Four Questions That You Should Ask Manufacturers

Custom Plush Toys – Four Questions That You Should Ask Manufacturers

If you want to make toys plush and be successful with it, you have to team up with a very reliable plush toy manufacturer. If the custom plush toys themselves are very flexible, choosing a manufacturer doesn’t offer any flexibility. You have to team up with the best one that you can find. You can’t be flexible and settle for mediocre ones. This can be a challenge because there are a lot of manufacturers out there. It would help you a lot if you can make a shorter list. In order to make sure that the short list is composed of the best manufacturers, here are four questions than you can ask:

1. Do you offer a no-hassle guarantee?

A great plush toy manufacturer won’t blame anyone else if things go wrong. They will hold themselves accountable. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the custom plush toys, you should be able to get your money back. That’s the beauty of making toys plush with the help of a great manufacturer. They’re confident that they’ll do a great job and can back it up with a guarantee. But you have to check their guarantee. Make sure that they won’t make you jump through hoops in order to get your money back.

2. What is included in the price quote?

The price quote should not be confusing. Your plush toy manufacturer should be able to show you the inclusions. This can help avoid hidden charges in your custom plush toys.

3. Do you offer realistic timelines? What are they?

If you are making toys plush, you have to be able to set expectations to yourself on when you’re going to receive them. This is important so that you can plan your strategy around that timeline. You probably want to set a “release” for your custom plush toys in order to stir up excitement over them. This is the reason why you should deal with a plush toy manufacturer that can tell you when they can finish them realistically. You can’t deal with a manufacturer that will take years to finish your toys. On the other hand, you also can’t deal with someone who promises to finish them in a few weeks only to fail.

4. How are your communication and customer service levels?

It’s important that you are updated every step of the way. You should always receive updates on where you are with your custom plush toys. Receiving weekly updates is just perfect. If you decide to make toys plush, you should get a specific Project Manager that you can call at any time for any concerns.

It would be a great idea if you can write their answers down or if they can give you the link where you can find the answers on their website. You should then make a short list using the answers as reference. From this short list, you’ll have an easier time choosing a plush toy manufacturer. You can simply contact them so you’ll have a better idea on how they can help you achieve success with your custom plush toys.…

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Having PC Data Security in Our Computer Is Really Useful

Having PC Data Security in Our Computer Is Really Useful

Technology has been developed very well during one decade. The technology development really supports us in our daily life. We should be happy because of the development which is very helpful for our life. However, we should be very wise in using the technology. Besides, we should also keep the technology very well so that we can use the technology for long period.

One example of the development of technology is the computer. Nowadays, many people use computers in their office. It seems that computers is the most important tool in an office. Therefore, many computer companies manufacture computers and the accessories for their customers. Anyway, if we have a computer in our house or in our office, we should complete it with PC data security. Otherwise, we will get some troubles related to the performance of the computer. We should know that the PC security will protect our data in our computer so that we still can keep it for long time. Nowadays, many people create viruses only for fun. However, we know that the viruses are dangerous for other people. Therefore, having a PC security will make us not to worry about the viruses.

Fortunately, we can easily find the firewall software. It sometimes will make us confused to choose the best PC data security for our computer. Therefore, we should read and find information about security for the sake of our computers. We should also know that the PC data security will be very useful when we are browsing information using the internet. There are so many viruses in the internet. If we have a PC data security in our computer, we can anticipate the viruses not to infect our computer. Besides, it can also block some hackers that want to steal our data in our computer. Let’s keep our data in our computer very well!…

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Plush Stuffed Toys – Coming Up With a Logo

Plush Stuffed Toys – Coming Up With a Logo

One of the things that an inventor would put some effort into is to come up with a logo for their custom plush toys. A lot of inventors believe that for them to achieve success with their plush stuffed toys, they need to have a very effective logo. It’s not enough for them that they make toys plush. They have to have a complete package and a logo is a part of it. So they either come up with their own logo or ask their manufacturer to come up with one for them.

It’s true that a logo can help your custom plush toys. But you shouldn’t really put a ton of effort into it. If you’re asking why, it’s because no one really cares about your logo. This is especially true if you’re just starting with plush stuffed toys. Logos are usually used for branding. So unless you’re a globally recognized brand, your logo wouldn’t really help you with branding because your brand is not that really well-known yet. That’s okay because you’re not really competing with the big boys just yet. Your primary market doesn’t care about your logo. They just care about your toys so as long as you’re making toys plush and you’re making sure that they are of great quality, then you’re doing great.

A logo can still help you. There’s no doubt about that. But right now, most inventors are at the point wherein they can come up with a logo or not and it wouldn’t matter. If you do decide to come up with a logo, then you have to make sure that it doesn’t steal the thunder away from your custom plush toys. They’re still the stars of the show. A lot of inventors make the mistake of putting in a lot of efforts into the logo and it usually results to the logo overwhelming the plush stuffed toys. They make it too big and it’s all over their brochure or website. What happens is most people would think that you’re marketing the logo and not the toys. It’s because that’s all they see. They forget that they’re at your website looking for toys plush. So when they see your big logo, they’d exit out of your website.

Use the logo to complement the overall packaging of your custom plush toys. For it to be the perfect complement, it should be somewhere on the background. Make it really small and simple. If you make it big and complicated, people will be scratching their heads trying to figure out what it means. They wouldn’t notice that you have great custom plush toys for sale and you might end up losing sales after sales because of it. So making it small and simple is the key so that the logo will lead them to your plush stuffed toys and not away from them.

It would be better if you focus on a sales message. It can help if you make toys plush and you have big bold letters scrawled across your brochure or site. Putting something like, “HOME OF THE BEST CUSTOM PLUSH TOYS” or something to that effect will work better than a big logo. That will surely lead to them checking out your plush stuffed toys and you’ll get more sales that way.…

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Small Business Ideas

How to Effectively Advertise Your Small Business on Craigslist

It’s very tempting to use Craigslist to advertise your small business. As it is advertising is usually pretty expensive, and in this economy you have to take every opportunity to squeeze as much business out of your advertising avenues as possible. With these tips on you can effectively market to your prospective clients without looking like a spammer, or breaking any rules.

#1 Follow the guidelines of the site:

One post every 48 hours for each service or item you have to post.

Post in the correct category, so people who are looking for you, can find you easily.

#2 Make your ad more effective:

Always use an image, but just as important, make sure it is a clean image that portrays what you are offering.

Do not use all caps, it is harder to read and people WILL skip over your ad completely.

Use numbers in your subject if you can, it will draw more attention to the ad. Ex: Save 10% on Landscaping is more effective than Landscaping services – Mowing, Gardening, Etc.

#3 Offer multiple ways to respond to your ad:

The truth is some people prefer phone numbers, and some prefer email, cover both sets of people by offering both options for communication.

#4 Provide a link to your website:

Every small business should have a website, and, at the very least it should provide the following information:

Photos concerning what you do

A list of services you offer

When you are open for business

Your contact information

An address to your business or more preferably a map

Keep in mind, the more professional your website is, the more likely a visitor is to respond to it

#5 Give them a reason to respond to your ad.

If you offer a percentage off, tell them to mention the ad when they call. You can also offer free services for referrals to your company, or give new customers a special service free of charge.

The main point is your ad needs to stick out compared to everyone else who is advertising on Craigslist. It needs to draw attention to itself without coming across as spammy, scammy or fake. If you can manage to pull this off, you should get some decent leads to your business when all you have invested is a bit of your time. And if you just keep reposting the original post it shouldn’t take much time at all, every 48 hours.…

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How Modern Technology Keeps Advancing

How Modern Technology Keeps Advancing

With each new wave of technological advancement it is difficult to remember what life was like before the “old” technology dominated. Think about the Walkman. At the time it was invented it offered people the chance to take their music or audiobooks with them wherever they went. The first generation of Walkman were quite clunky but they soon learnt how to make them smaller.

Then came the compact disc, offering the chance to skip to a particular track and a better sound quality. Soon the cassette Walkman was forgotten. In the same way, the CD Walkman or Discman was soon made obsolete by the MP3 player. These devices offered the chance to listen to several albums, all within a device no bigger than a packet of cigarettes.

Now we have what seems like the world at our fingertips, quite literally. We are able to listen to our entire music collection, download new tracks on the move, watch music on YouTube or TV, look up any information we choose about the artists on the internet all on a device that happens to be our phone, camera, email centre among many more other applications.

Have you ever wondered what makes these things possible. The continual advancement is in no small part down to the army of scientists and inventors who have a thirst to continually make things better. Paul Eisler in 1936 created the first printed circuit board (PCB). These are the electronic inner workings that have enabled devices to become smaller and offer increasingly more functionality. Without them we would not have even been able to see the development of the first Walkman all those years ago. Since then, inventors have developed and redeveloped more and more ways to improve the minute technology that we take for granted each and every day.

Try to imagine having to explain what your smartphone can do to someone who fell asleep in the 1980’s and has just woken up! They would think you were quite mad. When inventing the radio, Marconi was almost sectioned and sent to a mental hospital as no-one could understand the concept of radio waves and their use in communication. Thankfully, he wasn’t and radio was one of the technologies that changed the world for the better.

So, next time you pick up your phone, listen to some music on your MP3 player or do anything that has electronic devices involved, even if it is the washing, think about the fact it was all made possible with some very clever people and the little old printed circuit board!…

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All You Need to Know About Sleep Number Beds

All You Need to Know About Sleep Number Beds

A very common problem that most couples face is the disparities in their sleep preferences. The best solution to this problem is to purchase a sleep number bed which has become very popular today. Most couples are robbed of sound sleep due to the constant tossing and turning of their spouse who is unable to adjust to the bed. This is where these beds come in most useful as each person’s side can be adjusted according to their convenience. Each side of the bed can be made as hard or as soft as required and even the slope can be altered to your comfort level.

They beds come with remote control to alter the settings of the bed accordingly. This bed comprises of an adjustable air layer just above the bed and just below the sleeping area. You can even adjust the temperature of the bed and make it hot or cool to your preferences.

The other features of sleep beds bed include heat bonded seams for durability, non stretch, strength, puncture proof, cotton to avoid leakages or cracking, blend of natural and latex rubber -24 gauge and I- beam baffle system for natural spine alignment.

Sleep number are extremely useful for pregnant women as they can alter their side of the bed as the pregnancy progresses. A night of rested sleep is very important for the mother to be and unborn child. And the sleep number beds provide this comfort for them.

The biggest drawback in purchasing such a kind of bed is its exorbitant cost. But if you can really afford such a bed, it is a wonderful investment for a life time. So if you can manage to purchase a sleep number bed cheap, it will be a good bargain. There are numerous companies who manufacture sleep number beds today and if you are willing to settle for a second hand bed, they will work out within your budget.…