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Experience of Charley Akers

Charley Akers is a well known commercial advertising photographer that has extensive knowledge and experience in the photography industry. He has worked with many Fortune 500 companies for over 30 years. Coca-Cola and Phillips Electronics are just two of the major companies that Charley Akers has experience working with.

Skills of Charley Akers

Charley Akers captures pictures in a different way than a lot of other photographers. He is known for his unique vision and interesting aim while taking photos. With these skills, Charley Akers is a photographer that has a true talent for capturing the best images of people.

How He Captures Unique Photos

Many unique images of people have been captured by Charley Akers. Many of the photos he has taken of people have backgrounds that accentuate their main features. Many of the photos are unique in the fact that a photo of a person is taken and an object is then placed in the same picture with the person to show off their personality.

How He Showcases Subject’s Most Compelling Features

The main goal of photography is to showcase a subject’s most compelling features. By having true passion about what he does and shooting photos with an artistic viewpoint, Charley Akers is able to achieve this goal. When illustrative details are captured of a subject, a unique image is formed that will ultimately draw you in and tell you a story.

Choose Charley Akers For People Photography

Charley Akers is a photographer that has a true passion for what he does. Whether it is taking pictures of resorts or taking photos of people, he does his best to capture photos that tell a story. If you are looking for a people photographer, Charley Akers has the skills and knowledge needed to deliver exceptional photos that will go beyond your expectations.…

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Finding a Service that Can Accommodate Your Expectations

When you are planning a big event that will be attended by dozens or hundreds of guests, you want everything to be perfect. You do not want to overlook a single detail that could make all of the difference in ensuring the day’s success.

Along with deciding details like where to hold the event and what types of decorations to use, you also need to decide what kind of food and beverages to serve to guests. By partnering with a local grocer, wholesaler, or company for catering st petersburg event planners like you can ensure a good variety of food and drinks and make everyone at the event happy.

Like-minded Mission Statement

One of the biggest clues about whether or not a company will serve you well can be found within its mission statement. Its vision for its daily operations as well as its attitude toward its customers reveal whether or not it has what it takes to be an asset to you and your event.

However, it would be awkward to ask the company’s staff about its mission statement upfront and in person. Some of these people may not be able to describe its essence in a succinct and accurate manner. When you want to know what a company is really all about, you can read about its backstory and mission statement on its website.

The website offers you the chance to read about the company’s mission, backstory, and its history serving the community and customers like you. These details may impress you as well as convince you to give the business the chance to cater for you.

You can also find out what types of food and beverages it can serve at your event by using the links on the website. Together with the company’s staff, you can put together a menu that will be unforgettable.

Catering can make or break the success of your big event. You can find a caterer with a mission that matches your values by going on the Internet today. You can also pick out a menu to serve that day.…