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Plush Toys for Dogs – Why They Go Crazy Over Them

Plush Toys for Dogs – Why They Go Crazy Over Them

Nowadays, we’re seeing more and more plush toys for dogs. This is quite a pleasant surprise as this wasn’t the case before. Surely, the Steiff Company never dreamed of this day when they made the first stuffed bear back in 1903. However, they knew that it’s going to be a hit with kids and adults because stuffed animals are cute and cuddly. You can say that they were visionaries as they were able to create a phenomenon that other companies would emulate later on. This is why nowadays; there are probably thousands of companies that manufacture them.

However, it doesn’t seem that they were able to visualize that the time will come when there will be plush toys for dogs. Maybe they should have. After all, they have everything that dogs go crazy for. We’ll never know if the saw that or not, but one thing’s for sure, they are one of the most well-loved toys of all time.

A lot of people have pets nowadays and most of them have dogs. There’s a reason why they’re called “man’s best friend”. It’s because we’ve always had an inseparable bond with our dogs. This is why we’ll do anything to make them happy because they make us happy. It’s one of the most mutual two-way streets around.

We pamper them with yummy dog treats, refreshing baths and fun toys like plush toys for dogs. Somewhere along the line, some manufacturer felt that dogs would enjoy them and our dogs can be thankful that they did. Dogs have been “stealing” stuffed animals from their humans for a long time and it’s about time that someone does something about it.

Now, they have their own plush toys. Give them one and they’ll surely go crazy. So why are they crazy about these toys? Here are some reasons:

1. They’re soft.

Dogs are not that different from humans in the sense that they also love soft things. If your dog loves to cuddle, then there’s a good chance that he’ll love these soft toys.

2. They love to bite.

Of course, the idea is for them not to bite innocent people and animals. However, they do have their needs and this is why you’d often see them biting tree branches, balls, socks and the like. This is also the reason why they sometimes gnaw on your slippers. It’s their animal instincts kicking in. If you give him plush toys for dogs that he can bite, he’ll go crazy.

3. They love the sound.

A lot of these stuffed animals are designed to have squeakers inside of them. These squeakers squeak with every bite and since he also loves to bite, it’s a recipe for crazy fun time.

4. They love to play.

Dogs are naturally playful. This is the reason why they’re not for busy people. You have to walk your dog and play with him because he’ll be cranky, and unhealthy, if you don’t. Giving him toys that he can play with solves a lot of problem. It’s basically like giving toys to kids.

With these reasons, you probably realize that it’s important that they’re tough and durable. This is why it’s very important that you order the stuffed animals from a trusted manufacturer. It doesn’t matter if you’re making them for humans or animals. Safety comes first.…

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Please Get Out of My Way – I’m Busy Going in Circles!

As a life and business coach, I’m immersed in the world of growth and positive change. And what I see consistently is people struggling. Not with staying busy; quite the contrary. Most small business owners I speak with are overwhelmed by the day-to-day activities of growing their business, while also hoping (sometimes in vain) to have a life outside of it. Sound familiar? 

There are 3 steps you can take-starting today-that will help you begin to create the business that you have been wanting. And the good news is that these are not complicated ideas! In fact, they are simple concepts:

Get clear

Get set

Get going

 “Get clear” means that you understand what business you are in and why you are in it. Beyond the usual questions about what products or services you offer and to whom, get clear about *why* having your target market use your products and services is personally important to you. How is your ideal customer better off by calling you instead of your competitor? How is the world better because they do? What is important to you about that? 

Connect every day with these thoughts and the great way you feel as you imagine more and more of your ideal clients coming forward to say yes to your business. This can be as simple as taking 10 minutes first thing each day to focus on what success-for today-looks like. 

Once you get clear, it’s time to get set. Getting set means that you remove obstacles that might get in your way. And I’m talking less about specific business challenges and more about the way you approach them. I find that many of my coaching clients want to know it all and do it all-right now! And the result is often that they get stuck in all of the wanting. Here’s a solution: set boundaries. Be willing to experiment with just 1 to 2 activities/tools/ideas that you feel will potentially move your business forward. 

And once you know what you are willing to focus on, next be willing to say no (at least for now) to other things. Their time will come. For now, focus like a laser beam on a few doable steps that you are willing to commit to and to try. 

Finally, get going! Be willing to take action even though you may not know as much as you wish you did, or have all the evidence you wish you had that the activities you are trying will be successful. By taking action, you will learn a tremendous amount about what works and what you need to change: things you likely could not have learned otherwise.…

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Small Business and SEO

Small business owners are becoming more aware of the need to understand and implement the basics of SEO (search engine optimization). At the very least, you MUST know the basics but, then you run into, “what are the basics?”. That answer is only defined by the person answering it. And SEO is like most other forms of information — there is a lot of misinformation concerning the “how to” in building a campaign. So what do you do?
First of all, you MUST understand Search Engine Optimization is NOT a one-time event. Instead, it is a on-going for as long as you want to remain in the top searches on engines. Your work will be, at the very least, weekly and you will not see the fruits of your labor the next day or the week or maybe the month. Patient is the key as good results sometimes takes months to appear. That is not to say that some efforts will not be seen within days or weeks. Depending on your campaign you will begin to see some changes within a week. These changes will be your work in progress like backlinks added or new visitors to your website.
Staying current on SEO changes is necessary so that you can adjust your campaign. Search engine algorithms change regularly, so the tactics that worked last year may not work this year. Google made their latest change in April 2011. Learn as much as you can through online articles, blogs and resources.
Be sure to check you website analytics weekly if not daily. Both Google and Yahoo have excellent free programs. This will help you see what is working and what is lacking.
With all the SEO in the world it won’t help much if your web presence is not top notch. Bounce rate happens when a visitor visits your website and leaves after a few seconds without going any further. Ask yourself, “Is my site really one of the 10 best sites on this topic?” Be honest. If it’s not, make it better — the front page has to reach out a grab the visitor.
Things to include in your website:
– Include a site map page. Spiders can’t index pages that can’t be crawled.
– Make SEO-friendly URLs. Use keywords in your URLs and file names, such as (notice the “-” between the words).
– Determine your keywords which is the life blood of SEO. The basic question is “what would you type in a search engine if you were looking for your service/product”. Test out your keywords with actual Google, Bing and yahoo searches to see what is pulled. Look at the page source of the top listings to see what they place in their meta description, H1, H2, H3 tags, and anchor text.
– Organize Google AdWords suggestion tool or WordTraker to find keywords from website.
– Each website page should have it’s own group of keywords (don’t want pages competing for attention). Rule of thumb is if you have 30 keywords then you must have at least 10 pages to spread them out).
– Keyword density is the number of times the word is use – do not over do it. Text used in anchors also affects the density.
– Anchor Text is text within your linking or what you refer to this is your anchor text.
– Use basic headers and they must be located between and tags.
– Meta Title use some keywords and keep under 55 characters.
– Meta Description keep under 255 characters and must be a TRUE representation of website.
– Meta Keywords don’t stuff it as Google pay more attention to “description”.
– All JAVA scripts must be within tags, saved in a file called when calling lines of code.…

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Local Search Engine Optimization – How Small Businesses Can Use It

Many business owners have realized that one of the most effective ways to promote their company and products is to create a website. This is a great first step, especially since this is a very technological world. People all over rely on being able to access a company’s website in order to gain more information about it, contact them, or even to order products online. However, a small business may only be able to promote their company to those whom they have met face to face or been in immediate contact with. This creates very little interest, and hence, very little traffic for the website. That is why small businesses and SEO can be used together to make a business more prosperous.
SEO stands for search engine optimization, and is very important when it comes to promoting a company. There are several different ways to go about SEO for a small business. One of these ways would be for a business owner to conduct the SEO themselves.
Some simply SEO techniques such as article writing and site content optimization can be done by the site owner. This primarily involves created content for the website that is informative, and of high quality. It is also recommended that keywords be sparsely interjected throughout the site in order to attract the attention of users who are searching for a given topic. To go along with that, articles can be written pertaining to the topic that the business primarily deals with. Again, a few keywords can be added in order to help users find the article. When articles are written for small business and SEO purposes, it is important to include the website address or link somewhere within the article, at the end, or within the writer’s profile.
Another option that is available for small businesses and SEO would be to hire a professional search engine optimizer. These can either be entire companies or freelance workers. However, certain care should be taken when going this route. It is recommended that thorough research be done on the company or the individual. Some may claim to be helping a site, but are, in fact, doing very little to help whilst charging mass amounts of money. Furthermore, it is important to maintain control of a website. The owner should be able to go in at any time in order to change tags, content, titles, etc. It is important to ensure that the quality of the site be maintained while still promoting the site. Small businesses and SEO can be a great combination when used properly, but if no results are being seen, an investigation may be required. It is best if the SEO professional deliver a monthly SEO report in order to show what steps have been taken to promote the site as well as statistics showing how well their efforts have done.
Small businesses can use SEO in order to achieve first page rankings on major search engines. However, it should be noted that these things take time and overnight results are not expected.…

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Custom Made Bobble Heads – The New Age Business Card

Custom Made Bobble Heads – The New Age Business Card

Let’s make a bet. Let’s bet that more than half of the business cards that you give out either end up in the trash or somewhere where it’s never to be seen again. There’s a good chance that you won’t take that bet because you know that it’s true. You yourself have thrown a lot of business cards away especially if they’re from people who you don’t have any interest in. This calls for reflection. Is it still a good idea to hand out business cards?

First, you have to know that a lot of individuals and businesses are ditching the boring cards in favor of custom-made bobble heads. Yes, the well-loved collectible is now being tapped (pardon the pun!) by individuals so they can give out their business information. If this is the first time that you’ve heard of this strategy of using customized bobble head dolls as a business card, then your reaction is either one of these:

1. “Huh?”

This reaction probably came with a little scratch to the head. You might be thinking that it doesn’t make any sense at all. How will a toy replace business cards? If that’s your reaction, then you probably haven’t had the privilege of ordering them from a good manufacturer. You have to know that you can now put all sorts of information on custom-made bobble heads. For example, you can create a design patterned after your company’s mascot. You can then put your company’s name on the pedestal where it’s visible. You can then put your website address and phone number at the bottom. Better yet, have the customized bobble head dolls talk! You can record a message saying your company’s contact information. The possibilities are endless.

2. “It’s probably too expensive.”

This is actually a valid concern because even the most basic bobble heads look expensive. There’s a reason why they’re in-demand with collectors. You also have to take into consideration the price difference between custom-made bobble heads and business cards. You can get hundreds of business cards at a time without really thinking about the price.

However, what good will they do if they’re not going to do their intended job of introducing you to your prospective customers? Let’s say for example that 500 business cards are worth the same as 1 bobble head. Now, put them side by side and imagine the effects that they’ll bring. You can’t wait to dispose of the cards and you can’t wait to play with the customized bobble head dolls. This means that every single one of them presents a very good possibility that a prospective customer will at least check out your company’s information. Using them as a strategy says a lot of great things about your company so you can be sure that you’ll get a lot of contacts and customers by using them. Isn’t that your primary goal?

Besides, they’re not that expensive especially if you’re going to order them in bulk from a trusted manufacturer. Why not contact one first to see how much it will cost to turn your idea into effective custom-made bobble heads?…

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Air Compressor A Versatile Tool With Multiple Uses

Air Compressor A Versatile Tool With Multiple Uses

An air compressor is a very useful and efficient tool which is capable of performing multiple jobs. Basically it is an instrument which helps to convert gas or electric power into kinetic energy through a method of compressing the air. Usually an air compressor is used to inflate tires in the automobile shops but most of us are unaware of its other useful purposes.

Uses of Air Compressor

In addition to filing air in deflated tyres, it can be used for many other purposes with attached accessories like blowing the dust and debris, supply of clean air to submerged divers, supply of pressurised air to cylinders used as breathing apparatus. It is easy to use these instruments with other apparatus attached to it.

It is important to use these instruments with utmost care as it can cause accidents if used improperly. Ensure to wear proper clothing which covers your body completely including a good pair of shoes.

There are a number of air handling unit manufacturers which produce different varieties of products which include different sizes too. For homes and light duties, it is better to opt for the small and compact air compressor that can be carried along easily. These pumps can only perform small chores like filling the tyres and for spray guns as it does not have a storage tank for storing of air.

The next size compressors have a small tank and a horsepower motor. It can be used to clean surfaces which are quite hard like drive ways and other similar places. Electric, gas powered, duplex, rotary screw compressors are some of the commonly found products in the market.

Choosing the Right Product

While choosing an air compressor, it is quite important to understand its features and inbuilt qualities. It is equally important to choose a product that suits your needs and requirements. It is true that every home requires such equipment that simplifies household chores. However before selecting a product it is important to keep a few things in mind:

Firstly you need to analyse the air tools which fit the product and for what purpose you wish to purchase it. The product should be chosen on the basis of individual requirements as there may be huge variations on features like operating costs, performance, horse power and price. It is also important to select a product which is portable and electronically powered like the twin- stack compressors which can be easily used on uneven surfaces, for maintenance of roofs, and so forth.

Another product used for heavy duty works is the wheelbarrow styled compressor products which must be used in areas where the ventilation is well above par. The air compressor suppliers vouch on the productivity of such machines as it is powered by gasoline. The pancake compressor can be used for hobbies and for other simple projects as it is small and quite light compared to the other compressors. Known to be a highly efficient and practical tool with a wide number of applications, the air compressor has become a vital tool in every home and office.…

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Appointment Setting at Networking Events

Networking is a great way to generate business contacts, but what happens after the event is more important than the event itself. Knowing what to do on those appointments can be what makes or break future sales.
We just finished up our Networking With Intention Kickoff event and felt that it was a success in terms of the goals we set. The real test will be what the participants do with their new contacts the made at the event.
When you enter a networking event you should always ask yourself, “why am I here?” Most don’t ask, but if they do ask, they’ll usually say to get more business. As with most things in life, you have to dig a little deeper.
CAREFUL! Networking is hard work because it requires relationship. Otherwise everyone would sing it’s praises and call it Netselling.
If you dig deeper, you’ll find at it’s core, networking is about relationships and connecting. So you need to connect with people at the meeting then you need to develop the relationship. This is where the appointment comes in.
What you do on the appointment is almost the most important thing. If you approach the meeting with a inquisitive attitude about the other person, you’ll almost always win. Likewise, approaching it as a Sales Appointment usually results in a burned bridge and a failed sale.
When you’re on an appointment set after a networking meeting be sure to focus on the other person. Not only will they feel like you care and your personal capital with them will grow, but you will also maintain control of the conversation which will also help you to appear more confident.…