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Why Is Used Dispersants in the Manufacturing of Paint?

Why Is Used Dispersants in the Manufacturing of Paint?

The effective dispersion of pigments and fillers in a coating system is critical and affects many aspects associated with the final performance of the system.

Among these aspects we can mention the energy required to obtain the milling and good color development, final product stability and water resistance and alkali dry film.

Dispersants greatly influence all these factors and require careful selection to optimize the systems.

The aqueous coatings historically followed the guidelines of the “coatings” of the paper industry: at first it was established that the polyphosphates were dispersing and cost-effective for titanium dioxide, calcium carbonate and kaolin.

When the industry became more efficient it should improve, too, the synthetic polyelectrolyte dispersants varying composition, are now well known and used in the coatings industry. These products are able to adsorb strongly on the pigment particles to a greater or lesser extent depending on the pigment system in which they are used.

The final assessment of any additive in a coating system is how the additive affects the other properties of sistema.Ahora well, assuming a wide range of chemicals can act as dispersing pigments themselves, and understanding the chemistry base contributes to the desirable properties of the coatings, we ask:

What are the potential advantages of using polymeric dispersants?

In physicochemical terms, polymeric dispersants can reduce interactions between pigment particles in a much more efficient than conventional dispersants. The most obvious is to reduce the viscosity of the formulation.

The ability to reduce interactions between pigment particles also confers certain benefits associated with the optimization of tinting pigments. We can subdivide the advantages of these dispersants in productivity gains (higher concentrations of pigment), color power (more efficient use of color) and coating quality.

1. Increased productivity:

It is possible to disperse pigment in a polymeric dispersant solution better than a resin solution. This will provide a base grind much higher concentration of pigment to any selected viscosity.

The concentrate is then diluted with grinding the resin to give the traditional coating.

There is an increase in productivity by achieving higher concentrations of pigment in the grind and with this, more effective utilization of equipment.

This is used in those considered difficult to disperse pigments and resins considered low dispersing power.

2. Increased strength of color:

All providers of dispersants say their use increases the effectiveness of the strength of the pigment, especially in these cases. This proved to be true if the size of the pigment particle is less than 0.1 microns.

It is recognized that the intrinsic strength of color increases with milling time, the speed with which it tends to plateau in the curve varies from one pigment to another.

The problem arises in those bases milling with high proportions of very small pigment particles as they are much more prone to flocculation.

It required an efficient dispersal system to stabilize these small particles so that the intrinsic strength of the color to develop on the surface of the coating. Given this case, the polymeric dispersants are usually much more efficient to stabilize the dispersion of fine particles that resins conventionally used in the coatings industry.…

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How Not to Promote Your Legitimate Home Based Business Opportunity

Promoting your legitimate home based business opportunity is the key to long term success. And believe it or not, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it. So it only stands to reason that knowing what not to do will save you a lot of time and effort–things you can’t afford to waste in today’s fast-paced marketplace.
Before I begin though, there is one aspect of your business life that must remain intact, no matter what happens. In fact, the earlier it is established, the more quickly you will see results. It is summed up in one word: Credibility. Credibility is at the core of all best practices when it comes to marketing and promotion. If placed above all else, you will naturally avoid many of the mistakes that cause most businesses to fail.
Now that we have that piece of business-saving advice out of the way, let’s get down to the nitty gritty.
The first things to avoid when promoting your legitimate home based business opportunity is using safelists. Now in case you are not familiar with that term, safelists are online services to which you pay a one-time or recurring monthly fee in exchange for the privilege of mailing out a solo ad to the rest of the people on the list. Members agree to receive emails from other members as a condition of regular participation. The idea is that everyone is of a like mind and will be open to at least some of the offers made by others’ advertising.
The problem is, most safelists are saturated with people promoting the same offers. Also, the emails, if they are even sent to the member’s primary email account, are hardly ever read at all. Usually, members set up a separate email address altogether for their list mail, and periodically dump it so that it does not bounce and result in suspension from the list.
The second thing you should not do to promote your legitimate home based business opportunity is to use a mass mailing program. Gone are the days when this was seen as an acceptable practice. With Can SPAM legislation and ISPs cracking down on first-time and repeat offenders, it is a sure way to get a complaint filed against you. At best, you can expect to lose your internet connection. At worst, you are looking at some hefty fines and/or criminal charges.
Even if you are using a “scrubbed list” from a reputable source, you never know what kind of offer prompted the prospect to enter their email. Advertisers are stooping to all new lows in order to extract that all-important valuable personal information from potential customers, only to turn around and sell it to list brokers and the like.
The last thing you definitely want to avoid is sending emails to your prospects from a non-business email address. Nothing screams amateur like a free Yahoo account. Most domains come with free email accounts, complete with multiple inboxes. Assuming you have your own website, or at least a domain name that you can forward, this is easily overcome.
Finally, here is a secret tip: While you are at the task of writing emails about your legitimate home based business opportunity, you may as well position yourself as a solutions provider. When you take the consultative approach to sales, you gain trust and confidence from your prospects. Eventually they come to look at you as someone who is simply there to help them get what they want.
And that, my friend is marketing at its best.…

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Drum Up New Business From Clients With Shrinking Budgets

In these trying economic times, drumming up more business can be hard if you clients have shrinking budgets. Small business owners are finding that their clients, whether individual consumers or other businesses, are tightening their belts and reluctant to spend.
However, some small businesses are finding that they can capitalize on the current crisis by connecting with current clients in new ways, and by hooking up with new clients. Here are three trends to think about when it comes to dealing with your clients’ shrinking budgets.
1. Existing Clients are Open to New Ideas
In a world where everyone is looking for ways to cut financial corners, clients are open to learning about how to be more financially frugal, and from many new sources. One small marketing business sent its clients a short flyer listing “10 Tips for Frugal Marketing,” which not only offered great information but also alerted clients to some new inexpensive services the firm was offering. By wrapping the information about the new services into a list of useful tips their clients could immediately use, the marketing business generated an immediate positive image and some new business from existing clients.
2. Partner Up to Access New Clients
One spa owner decided to see if pooling marketing budgets with other local businesses could generate increased revenue for her own business. She teamed up with some local small businesses to offer a series of “Feel Good” workshops. The workshops offered consumers many ways to “Feel Good”-physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually, and even legally. Partner businesses included a law firm, an accounting business, a fitness gym, a nutritional consultant, a spiritual counselor, a banker, and even a private investigator. All the businesses cross-promoted the workshop series to their own clients, and attendees received coupons for free consultations and discounts. Overall, the businesses reported an average increase in business from the workshops ranging from 10% to almost 30%. Not a bad gain in today’s stingy market.
3. Go for the Big Fish
Even big firms that used to have large recurring marketing budgets are starting to scrutinize the individual line items on which they spend money. According to marketing firm TheEyeWorks, 60% of businesses have or will decrease the size of their marketing budgets this year. More importantly, over half the companies polled are willing to consider working with a smaller marketing agency if the agency could produce similar results.
The moral of this David and Goliath story is that this financial crisis may have evened the playing field for small businesses. The fact that large businesses are looking for ways to deal with shrinking budgets gives small businesses a shot at large accounts that might otherwise be out of reach.
When faced with the incredible shrinking budgets of your current and potential clients, don’t despair. Instead, think of yourself as the small business version of David, in the David and Goliath story. Then start talking to your current and potential clients in new ways. You may surprise yourself!…

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Custom Bobble Heads – Built for Your Satisfaction

Custom Bobble Heads – Built for Your Satisfaction

You’re probably wondering what custom bobble heads are really for. It can be a little confusing because you see a lot of people using them for different purposes. Some people produce bobble head dolls to use them as toys while some use them as displays. Then of course, there are the people who contact a custom figurine manufacturer because they want to use bobble heads as a promotional tool. So which one is it really? What are they really built for?

The simple answer is custom bobble heads are built for your satisfaction. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to use them as a toy, display or promotional tool. You just have to know how you’re planning to use them so you can tweak the strategy accordingly. But whatever the purpose is, they’re built to satisfy your demands. All you need to do is to contact a reliable custom figurine manufacturer and you can have them made.

You’re probably wondering how something so small and simple can do a broad job. Most products are built for just one or two end-goals in mind and that’s okay. But you’d be wrong if you believe that you can’t really demand a lot of things from products that aren’t that complex. So how can these wobbly headed custom figurines be built for your satisfaction on a lot of purposes? It’s because bobble head dolls are very effective and highly customizable at the same time. As long as you’re dealing with an experienced custom figurine manufacturer, you’ll have them helping you out with your campaign in no time.

But of course, it would depend on a lot of things. For custom bobble heads to satisfy your needs, you have to make “custom” the operative word. You have to take advantage of the fact that you can customize it to fit your strategy. Most people use custom figurines as promotional tools. So to ensure satisfaction, you have to fully maximize its potential. You have to think of a really good design and sales message. You can also take advantage of complementary accessories that you can add to them. This can help ensure more satisfaction. So talk to your custom figurine manufacturer about the possibilities.

When dealing with a manufacturer, a guarantee is also important. If a manufacturer can’t guarantee your 100% satisfaction, then forget about it. How can they be built for your satisfaction if the manufacturer doesn’t even trust the products enough to offer a guarantee to you? A 100% satisfaction guarantee can help you make sure that the custom bobble heads that you’ll receive will be built with your satisfaction in mind. You can rest easy knowing that the custom figurine manufacturer believes in their bobble head dolls. That way, you can believe in them as well.

So if you really want to be satisfied, make sure that you really take the time to choose a manufacturer for your custom bobble heads. You’re basically asking a lot from these simple products. But if you choose to deal with a reliable custom figurine manufacturer, then you can almost hear the bobble head dolls saying, “There’s nothing to it”. Once you do find that manufacturer, communicate with them properly with your strategy. Success and satisfaction will soon come in.…

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Bringing Small Offline Service Business Online – Helping Small Businesses Come Online is Profitable

Helping a small service business to come online is an excellent way to build a business for yourself. There are hundreds of thousands of small businesses that have very little online presence, and you can use the skills you have for online marketing to set them up as well. This will bring them more business while you develop your own system for doing this for others. This can be the start of a whole new business for you.
My recommendation is to do this for a friend or family member first, just to learn how to market in this way. I started by doing some publicity and marketing for my Rotary Club, and then I did it for a family member who works as a handyman. I Googled the handyman and saw that he was not listed on any of the first ten pages for his city and the term handyman. Then I began to blog for him, wrote several articles, and sent a free press release. Within just a few weeks he was on page one of Google for people searching in his city.
Once you have achieved some success, you can offer your services to others for a fee. Find out what they are spending for print advertising, and charge around the same amount. That way they can use your services for a month to see how well online marketing works for them. Typically small service businesses have no idea how many more people will be able to find them once they have an online presence besides a static web site.…

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What Type of Services Does a Web Based Merchant Offer?

Internet merchant account providers offer a range of services that will suit your every business need, and provide you with a range of helpful tools to aid you and your transactions, enabling your firm to grow and develop. Below are some of the main services online merchant accounts provide:

-A gateway processor

This charges your consumers cards through the Internet and delivers the funds to your online merchant account provider.

-Real time converting

This service that your web merchant offers serves for the purpose of allowing card transactions to take place and takes the required amount of money out of the cardholders bank account.

-Processing offline

If you already have signed up to a merchant account provider, this is a good service for you to take hold of as it reserves your customers card details so they can charge a bit later on or at a time more convenient for you.


This Secure Socket Locker tool provides you and your customer with complete safety as this reliable service uses an encrypting method that keeps your customers account number hidden from all prying eyes, meaning you have less to worry about.

As your business’ financial security is a top priority for your web based merchant, they will therefore have the service called Check Processing. Before, accepting checks may have been dangerous, because when a check is generated it becomes more difficult to decrease profit loss whilst working on boosting sales. Therefore, this great electronic application allows your business to convert checks, obtain check guarantees and recovery.

Of course the main service the online web merchants promise to give you in exchange for your money is the wide range of major credit and debit cards accepted at point of sale, which all entrepreneurs know is the quickest most advantageous way of earning instant cash while keeping customers happy – meaning both sides win!

A good, clear option within the payment process is looking at information reporting, enabling you to mange your accounts capably and advantageously. Web merchants offer a speedy, reliable and ongoing service that you can count on to direct your sales in the right place, ensuring money is being taken out where it should be and put in the right place ( ie, your account)!

Also, the merchant program is definitely a good tempting force for keeping your customers interested and hungry for more of your business products as they throw out enticing tools for you to use such as: gift cards, product returns, cards advertising your firm, and electronic money off coupons.

Every now an again, customers like to be treated seeing that they are valued. You can be sure that once they have a gift card or discount in their hand, they will be running back for more. Here is just a taster to wet your appetite for more of the selection of services up for grabs on the merchant menu:

Domain names- allow an internet merchant account provider to choose a secure domain name and get it certified.

Web based promotion and marketing- build the momentum of traffic driving into your website through services that allow you to set up a successful promotional campaign.

Ecommerce- shopping card instruments used to shape your web based sales.

Online security- a suite of services that safeguard your details, customer information and look after your companies well being.

Website bundles! – All you need and more to kick start your wonderful website and keep ongoing traffic levels high.

Email hosting- helps you reinforce your company and become a trusted source as a connoisseur within the market segment through setting up a mailing list.…

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Home Based Business Ideas – Incredible Secrets To Making A Six Figure Income In A Month!

Are you trying to find home based business ideas? It should not be too challenging to uncover, trust me. You have no idea that the answer really lies in your computer all along! Home based business ideas really exist and it takes the right eye and the right site to look for the ideal opportunity. Have you ever thought about checking the on the internet community, for example, forums and selected employment internet sites? You’ll uncover plenty of very good on the web work there, including info encoding and transcribing. Both deal with typing and organizing documents and files, so your capability to organize and type will likely be your biggest assets in this endeavor. If you might be interested in becoming a data entry worker for a specific firm, all you have to do is verify with legitimate forums and websites for a lot more details with how to apply for the position.
Remember to verify the requirements needed for each job post inside the Net; it will do you great to research on these types of things ahead of you go and email your resume for the corporation site. You’ll find particular qualifications ahead of you attempt to send your resume to the company. For instance, you’ll find selected licenses that you require to get ahead of you get accepted as a info encoder so you will need to take some exams or any other variety of qualifying documents that can enable you to turn into a licensed data encoder. Some companies don’t need licenses but they do demand their applicants to have a very good background within their field of function.
You ought to know that these kinds of jobs are not only a rewarding experience, but they can be profitable too. Don’t underestimate these works as they have been proven to give you that much needed cash whenever you have to have to pay for your monthly bills!…