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Plush Toys For Children

Plush Toys For Children

Children these days have a variety of toys that they can play with. They can choose from the traditional figure toys made of child-safe plastic or they can choose from the soft toys also called plush toys. These plush toys are the ones that are stuffed with anything that can make the toy soft and cuddly. They can be either cotton or feathers. In fact, you even get toys that are stuffed with beans. The only criterion is that the toys should have that soft and cuddly effect to it and it should give the child a very luxurious feel to it.

In earlier times, the toys used to be stuffed with leaves and even straws. These days the more soft and more luxurious and more expensive it the more the parents want to buy it for their children. Now there are many companies that manufacture plush toys and this is the trend that is observed all over the world. In fact, one may seem to think that the stuffed toys or the plush toys are a very recent tradition. However, that is not true. The older versions of the stuffed toys were being used way back in 1830s too. These plush toys can vary in shape and size. They can be either cartoon characters like Simba the lion or Yogi the bear.

They can also be just plain balls that are in varied colors. However everyone will agree that the teddy is and will always be the most popular form of plush toys. It has and will always remain the all-time favorite of all whether they are children or adults. The other important change that has been incorporated to these plush toys is the fact that they are being made in a more child-friendly manner. They are being manufactured with more eco-friendly materials and they are very attractive due the choice of attractive colors.

The plush or stuffed variety of toys are now easily accessible both online as well as offline. They can be bought in bulk during the festive season and you get to gain from the free shipping offer with every bulk purchase. They are designed to replicate cartoon characters and those from popular celluloid block busters. Kids love them and they offer the home cozy nooks for you to lounge around. These toys make great car decor add-ons too and are being popularly included in a number of interior decor ideas the world over.

Get some stuffed toys for your loved ones and I can reassure you that they will adore them and hang on to them for the rest of their lives.…

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A HUB Zone is Not a Husband Hangout

The term HUB-Zone is thrown around a lot in government contracting. Many contracts include restrictions that limits bidding to businesses located within a these zones. If you are new to the game, it is easy not to know if the area your business is located in qualifies as a HUB-Zone or even if your business qualifies.
So… what is a HUB zone?
The Small Business Administration (SBA) created the Historically Underutilized Business Zone (frequently referred to as a HUB Zone) program in 1997 when Congress passed the Small Business Reauthorization Act, which included the HUB-Zone Empowerment Act. The SBA enforces the act by maintaining a list of qualified businesses for federal agencies to use. They certify businesses in these areas as Hub-Zone businesses based on the following requirements:
o The company must be a small business based on the size standards used by the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS).
o At least 51% of the company must be owned and controlled by US citizens.
o The main location of business, where most employees do work (excluding contract sites), must be located in an authorized HUB zone.
o At least 35% of the company’s employees must live in a HUB zone.
The main objective of the SBA’s HUB Zone program is to promote economic growth and create more employment opportunities by bringing them the opportunity to obtain Federal contracts. The SBA reports to Congress how much the Empowerment Act has increased employment opportunities in these areas. According to the SBA’s website, for an area to be classified as underutilized it must have at least one of the following:
o Qualified census tract criteria (areas are subject to change every 10 years due to census)
o A qualified non-metropolitan county that has an average household income of less than 80 percent of the State median household income, or with unemployment rates 140% or more above the state-wide average.
o Land within a federally-recognized Indian reserve.
There are many advantages designed to help businesses located within a HUB Zone and meeting all the requirements obtain these special federal contracts. For many contracts, there must be at least $100,000 set aside for small businesses that qualify as HUB-Zones. There can be sole-source contracts in the areas, but the value must be greater than $100,000 but less than $3 million (or $5 million for manufacturing contracts). While that may not seem like a decent advantage, HUB Zone small businesses receive what is known as a “10% price evaluation.” This means that a HUB Zone company bidding on a project (based on price) will have their bid evaluated at 10% lower than it actually is – so long as their price is no more than 10% higher than a non-HUB Zone small business, they will win.
Aside from the benefits listed above, there are plenty more opportunities for small businesses within these areas. Another example is that when larger companies that win bids need sub-contractors they are required to have at least one HUB Zone sub-contractor to help complete the project. In addition, these businesses can apply for higher surety bonds then others, tax credits, investment tax deductions, and tax-free facility bonds.…

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CB Radio Antenna – How to Choose

CB Radio Antenna – How to Choose

The biggest brands of CB radio antenna manufacture are Midland, Cobra and Motorola. Some of the different types are car antenna and handheld. They all have different applications that should be considered when you buy such devices.

CB radio antenna for your car

Automobiles have a lot of glass surface area which allow these signal searching devices to be attached to. If you happen to have a glass roof on your vehicle the you need to check out if you can get the best signal from here. Midland walkie talkies use the bit of plastic sticking out of it as a signal scanner which is the most effective way as you can imagine because it is not set up in an ideal environment to accept signal data. The best place to have these devices is on the outside of your car as it will improve transmission quality.

My only problem with this range of Cobra device which can be bought on Amazon for cheap prices is that the iPhone can probably accomplish the same tasks. Since most people need mobile phones then it is a good idea to have all the uses to originate from one piece of kit even if it is a bit on the expensive side.

Antenna mounts

This is nothing special and can be bought from your local hardware store. Antenna mounts basically allow you to fix your CB radio to a certain fixed point in a wall such as the outside of your house or even a garage wall. All you need to install this device is some minimal power tools or a set of can buy these for around $15 for a very good solid version, spending anymore is not recommended as it really is not worth it.…

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The Old Statement That Guns Do Not Kill People, People Kill People Still Applies Today

The Old Statement That Guns Do Not Kill People, People Kill People Still Applies Today

After the recent killings at an elementary school people are pressuring the government to outlaw guns. Outlawing guns does not necessarily get them out of the hands of criminals. It just gets them out of the hands of law abiding citizens. Who will protect our kids if guns are outlawed?

It is possible to get on the internet for the directions on how to print out a gun. This knowledge is in the hands of the good guys as well as the bad ones. Criminals could print out an untraceable gun to kill your kids or their personal enemies.

I am all for the freedom of speech that we receive from the 1st amendment, but should we be able to tell people how to print out fully working guns? Tracing the printed out guns is hard unless the printer is stupid enough to leave finger prints all over the printed work.

Doesn’t our manufacturing companies need to keep printing out demos, or we could just outlaw the ownership of printers that make physical demos possible. Without making demos how would companies be able to manufacture new products? With out new products our unemployment rate would climb through the rood!

Our country was founded by people who wanted to be able to produce exciting new business ventures and raise their own families with the freedom of religion and speech. That allows them to be able to teach the next generation how to grow into successful adults.

Our wild west days may have come to an end, but part of being an American is the right to bear arms. My arms are not steady enough to handle a fire arm, but I still think it is a right we should exercise if we are licensed and capable of handling a firearm. Both my husband and father-in-law are licensed and capable of safely handling a weapon.

The wars here in this country may have ceased, but if they were to resume for some unthinkable reason they could help defend us. We have no children by personal decision, but I am still protective of kids. We have enough nieces and nephews to keep us in the loop.

Kids have to be protected from all the lunatics in this world. For some ungodly reason they seem to attack the soft under-belly of our families. And they have a very hurtful sense of timing.

I hope you protect your families through these tempestuous times. Remember guns do not kill people, People kill people.…