Can You Manufacture Attraction?

Can You Manufacture Attraction?

In many ways the attraction between two people seems like a force of nature. It is something that you can tap into and use when picking up a woman. More often, it may seem like a ride that you just have to hang onto and enjoy. It rarely seems like something you can control or even create out of whole cloth though. Despite this, many people believe that attraction can absolutely be manufactured, or at least manipulated. After all, human beings are socially responsive creatures and attraction is in many ways a shared perception and mood. It stands to reason then, that we can create an attraction where none existed before simply by changing our potential partner’s perception of us.

Being Attractive

When you first meet someone all they have to go on are the cues in your appearance and behavior. Whether or not you are found to be attractive in these first encounters is crucial, so you must do your part to expose the qualities that make you worth a woman’s interest and attention. What qualities are these? Well strength and confidence, for example. Women are looking for reasons to continue displaying interest in you, if they don’t find them they’ll cut you loose. So you need to display your intrinsic value as an attractive mate. This should be encompassed by your appearance, your attitude, and your behavior.

Creating Attraction through Touch

The best way to create attraction between two people is to create a physical connection. This allows you to get close to a potential partner and have a powerful physical effect on them, but it has to be done in a consensual, non-threatening way to work. Ideally, your initial contacts should resemble the behavior of someone who is simply very physical. You can shake or hold hands, hug her, put your arm around her and make excuses for other, fleeting touches that amp attraction levels between you.

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