CB Radio Antenna – How to Choose

CB Radio Antenna – How to Choose

The biggest brands of CB radio antenna manufacture are Midland, Cobra and Motorola. Some of the different types are car antenna and handheld. They all have different applications that should be considered when you buy such devices.

CB radio antenna for your car

Automobiles have a lot of glass surface area which allow these signal searching devices to be attached to. If you happen to have a glass roof on your vehicle the you need to check out if you can get the best signal from here. Midland walkie talkies use the bit of plastic sticking out of it as a signal scanner which is the most effective way as you can imagine because it is not set up in an ideal environment to accept signal data. The best place to have these devices is on the outside of your car as it will improve transmission quality.

My only problem with this range of Cobra device which can be bought on Amazon for cheap prices is that the iPhone can probably accomplish the same tasks. Since most people need mobile phones then it is a good idea to have all the uses to originate from one piece of kit even if it is a bit on the expensive side.

Antenna mounts

This is nothing special and can be bought from your local hardware store. Antenna mounts basically allow you to fix your CB radio to a certain fixed point in a wall such as the outside of your house or even a garage wall. All you need to install this device is some minimal power tools or a set of can buy these for around $15 for a very good solid version, spending anymore is not recommended as it really is not worth it.

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