Custom Made Bobble Heads – The New Age Business Card

Custom Made Bobble Heads – The New Age Business Card

Let’s make a bet. Let’s bet that more than half of the business cards that you give out either end up in the trash or somewhere where it’s never to be seen again. There’s a good chance that you won’t take that bet because you know that it’s true. You yourself have thrown a lot of business cards away especially if they’re from people who you don’t have any interest in. This calls for reflection. Is it still a good idea to hand out business cards?

First, you have to know that a lot of individuals and businesses are ditching the boring cards in favor of custom-made bobble heads. Yes, the well-loved collectible is now being tapped (pardon the pun!) by individuals so they can give out their business information. If this is the first time that you’ve heard of this strategy of using customized bobble head dolls as a business card, then your reaction is either one of these:

1. “Huh?”

This reaction probably came with a little scratch to the head. You might be thinking that it doesn’t make any sense at all. How will a toy replace business cards? If that’s your reaction, then you probably haven’t had the privilege of ordering them from a good manufacturer. You have to know that you can now put all sorts of information on custom-made bobble heads. For example, you can create a design patterned after your company’s mascot. You can then put your company’s name on the pedestal where it’s visible. You can then put your website address and phone number at the bottom. Better yet, have the customized bobble head dolls talk! You can record a message saying your company’s contact information. The possibilities are endless.

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2. “It’s probably too expensive.”

This is actually a valid concern because even the most basic bobble heads look expensive. There’s a reason why they’re in-demand with collectors. You also have to take into consideration the price difference between custom-made bobble heads and business cards. You can get hundreds of business cards at a time without really thinking about the price.

However, what good will they do if they’re not going to do their intended job of introducing you to your prospective customers? Let’s say for example that 500 business cards are worth the same as 1 bobble head. Now, put them side by side and imagine the effects that they’ll bring. You can’t wait to dispose of the cards and you can’t wait to play with the customized bobble head dolls. This means that every single one of them presents a very good possibility that a prospective customer will at least check out your company’s information. Using them as a strategy says a lot of great things about your company so you can be sure that you’ll get a lot of contacts and customers by using them. Isn’t that your primary goal?

Besides, they’re not that expensive especially if you’re going to order them in bulk from a trusted manufacturer. Why not contact one first to see how much it will cost to turn your idea into effective custom-made bobble heads?