Custom Plush Toys – Two Important Numbers That You Should Have

Custom Plush Toys – Two Important Numbers That You Should Have

If you are a plush toy manufacturer, there are a lot of numbers that you should know. Of course, you need to know the numbers that will show if you are succeeding or not. This means that you should know how many custom plush toys you’re selling and how much you are spending to sell them. But there are two sets of numbers that is very important if you’re selling plush stuffed toys. You should have a phone AND fax number.

Most people have their personal phone number. But for your business, you should have a separate phone number that you’ll use as a plush toy manufacturer. That’s a very basic thing to have. A sign of success is to have people calling you every single day for orders of custom plush toys. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to have them calling your personal line especially if you’re doing personal stuff. You want to be able to separate personal calls from those calls about your plush stuffed toys. It will be easier to measure your success that way. Besides, it’s more professional if you have a business phone line. Then there are a lot of services that you can take advantage of to make it more professional. You can hire a receptionist or if you want to save money, a virtual receptionist or answering machine service will do.

Usually, most people call a plush toy manufacturer because they have some questions. If you’ve been doing your job of marketing and promoting your website, then a lot of people would have seen your custom plush toys online. Now, it would be a good idea to put everything that there is to know about your plush stuffed toys on your website. But usually, people would have a question or two before they order from you. Sure, they can contact you via your email address but you can easily lose prospective customers from the time that they send the email to the time that they receive your answer. So if you have a business phone number available, they can easily call you and get their questions answered at once.

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A fax number is also important if you’re a plush toy manufacturer. Let’s face it. Not everyone has Internet access. Also, not everyone is comfortable with ordering online. So you have to give them another option. A good option for them is via fax. So you can set up a fax machine so that you can receive orders through it. If you prefer, there are fax services that you can link to your email. It’s a good way to link the wonders of technology and the comfort that fax offers to your prospective customers. This will give you a chance to be able to offer your custom plush toys to more people.

These are very basic services that you need to set up. Being basic, they’re usually inexpensive. But the benefits are endless. You can get more orders for your plush stuffed toys with them. As a plush toy manufacturer, more orders is what you need. So if you’re in the business of custom plush toys, be sure to set up a business phone and fax number. It’s in your best interest to do so.