Features of an Antique Car

Features of an Antique Car

An antique car is one of the most adored automobiles. In fact, as old as they are, they are becoming more and more famous in weddings and motor shows. Antique cars are widely referred to as classic cars too. These antiques are highly valued. One of the reasons as to why they are highly valued is the fact that they are regarded the mother of all auto mobiles. They were among the first vehicles to be designed in the auto mobile industry. Most specifications and designs used to manufacture antique cars are the same ones used to manufacture cars nowadays.

An antique has to be one that was modeled and engineered during the World War II times. In addition to this, the vehicle has to be one that was back then referred to as a high quality vehicle that was also of a high class nature. In the United Kingdom, antique describes a vehicle that has been in existence for more than 100 years. Once they reach this age, the vehicles are then referred to as veteran vehicles. These vehicles can be approximated to have been built in the early times from between 1880 and 1916.

Other people consider antique cars to be the ones that were specifically manufactured in the developed countries. Still, only five of these countries are considered. Any vehicle, no matter how old that was not manufactured in Germany, in the United States, in the country of Italy or in France, the land of French, cannot be classified as an antique. This is because these were the only countries that manufactured vehicles used in the military and the same factories where the military vehicles were manufactured were the same ones that were used to manufacture antiques. However, antiques do not include the vehicles that were driven by horses.

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The type of engine and the way the engines are engineered also contribute to the name. Most antiques operate using steam engines unlike other conventional motor vehicles which use a different type of engine. Antique vehicles are designed in a unique way. Antique cars do not have a windshield. Windshields came to be way after antiques had been manufactured. Windshields are present in cars in order to protect the driver and any other passenger from the wind and any other thing that comes their way and can cause harm. The windshield space was left empty unlike other vehicles.

These antiques also lacked a roof. They were not designed to have the top cover which is usually used to prevent the driver and any other passenger on board from the scorching sun. Apart from the scorching sun, this roof is there to prevent the rain from slipping into the car. Antiques are modeled in a stylish design. These vehicles were designed to have a shape that is square sided. Its frame was made from wood, giving it a house like design, which makes it look classy and stylish. Apart from that, these antique cars operate using fenders whose design was borrowed from the bicycle model.