Greetings for Gulliver

Greetings for Gulliver

It is certainly true that within the extended realm

of Irish literature the greatest characters

have all had the ability to transcend time

In this regard who could not be enamored

of the story of Lemuel Gulliver?

Shipwrecked and washed upon the shore

he is awakened and discovers

that his quivering bod is securely fastened

to the ground

But perhaps more astonishing,

the massive behemoth has been mounted

by a countless number of what appear to be

tiny creatures resembling ordinary human men

And while this amazing tale

has penetrated the consciousness of an untold number

of avid readers and illiterates alike

Few people outside the ivory towers

of advanced literary criticism

have seldom dared to ask how time itself

may have influenced the creation of this classic tale

So let your imagination run wild

fasten your seat belt and let us board this amazing

time machine

And as we descend we find that the year is 1726

It is the year that the first edition of this wonderful epic

was completed

And arguably it was still the apex of the colonial shenanigans

of the British Crown

And while Lemuel Gulliver’s diary included trips

to other remote places far beyond Lilliput

it is right to assert that the events in Lilliput may have been

the most memorable of scenes

And would it not be right to assume

that writers sometimes project a bit of their selves

onto the protagonists within their storied tales?

And even if this were not so let us ask

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just who is this Lemuel Gulliver?

What is the land of Lilliput and what did all of this mean

to his creator Johnathan Swift?

Swift was born in 1667 in Dublin, Ireland

He was named after his father

although he was the second son

His mother was Abigail Erick of Frisby on the Wreake

The historical archive indicates

Swift’s grandfather ventured to Dublin

seeking fortune after the family’s royal estate

had been lost in the English civil war

As an adult it is reported

that Swift earned a doctor of divinity from Trinity College

and published a number of books

He was however also know for his political pamphleteering

His writings included “Proposal for Universal Use of Irish Manufacture”,

“Drapiers Letters” and ” A Modest Proposal”

Swift was rewarded for his good deeds

as his place within the world of Irish letters

is as solid as a rock

And in addition to his wonderful book,

he is considered a great Irish Patriot

And for this we might

even stand and cheer