The Mistakes That Job Seekers  do in The Millennial Era

The millennial job crisis seems to be turning itself around. Unemployment levels have fallen and more millennials are mastering navigating their professional trajectories. However, there are still plenty of millennials who are having a hard time finding a career. Employers and recruiters consistently have the same critiques when discussing millennial job seekers. Here are the mistakes they keep making and what they can do to fix them.


Millennial Gives More Value to Personal Appearance

Millennials place a lot of value on the ability to dress. As they please and to “express themselves”. However, employers place a lot of value on employees who are well-dressed and well-groomed. While millennials are hardly repulsive slobs, data shows that they follow good hygiene and grooming practices at a rate lesser than their older counterparts. Millennial job seekers need to invest in professional clothing and make good grooming a habit. This means avoiding facial piercings, maintaining a normal hairstyle and making clinical dentistry a regular part of their lives.

Better Written Communication

Millennials aren’t great with the written word. They’re quite accustomed to text messaging. Where grammar rules are hard if ever followed. Furthermore. Many college professors are fine with a relaxed. The manner of speech in e-mails and written communication. This means that millennials don’t always have the best business communication skills. Millennial job seekers need to dust off their old high school grammar books and learn how to construct business correspondences that will impress rather than annoy their future employers.

Improved Etiquette

Don’t blame millennials for having poor etiquette. Rather, blame the fact that an emphasis on etiquette has fallen by the wayside. Furthermore, it doesn’t help that millennials favor digital communication over face-to-face interactions. Millennial job seekers would be wise to emulate their grandparents when it comes to in-person business interactions. This means shaking hands and speaking formally.

Don’t blame millennials if they’re a bit rusty on certain aspects of business etiquette and communications. After all, these once-important life skills are no longer taught in schools like they used to be. Instead, be patient with millennial job seekers as they continue to work to improve themselves and find their place in the business world.