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Custom Plush Toys – The Numbers Don’t Lie

Custom Plush Toys – The Numbers Don’t Lie

There are a lot of ways for you to know if you are successful with your custom plush toys or not. But if there’s one thing that you can check and it will give you a very clear idea on where you are with your plush stuffed toys, they’re numbers. The numbers don’t lie and depending on the figures and statistics, you’ll see if you should continue with making toys plush or if you need to tweak your designs and strategies.

A lot of people are wondering if they should focus on the statistics or not. Should you really number-crunch? Most people make the mistake of just basing success on the number of sales for their custom plush toys. For example, there’s a very big possibility that you can sell half of your plush stuffed toys in a single day. Does that make you a success? At first, most people would think that those are great numbers if you decide to make toys plush and sell them. But they’ll get the surprise of their lives when something doesn’t seem right at the end of the month.

You’re probably expecting a lot of money because you’ve been selling a lot of your custom plush toys. So where’s the money? How come the cash register is not overflowing with money from sales of your plush stuffed toys? There’s no choice for you but to check on the statistics in order to know what happened. Unfortunately, you may not have the information that you need because you didn’t gather the numbers in the first place. You just decided to make toys plush and thought that everything good will follow.

This is why it’s important to keep track of all the pertinent numbers. These will give you the idea on what’s happening. Don’t just focus on the number of custom plush toys that you sold. Take note of how much it is to sell them. Also, it would be a good idea to take note of the numbers that can show you which works and which doesn’t. For example, you can gather the numbers for all the sales strategies that you have for the plush stuffed toys. These numbers are called the key performance indicators. It might be a good idea to funnel the funds that you have for non-performing strategies towards the strategies that work.

If you have a website, then it’s important that you study the numbers as well. A good place to start is to check on the number of visitors that you have per month. It can show you the good or bad months for your custom plush toys. Obviously, your visitors will go up during the holidays. If it doesn’t, then something is terribly wrong. If you can’t stir up interest for your plush stuffed toys during the holidays, then you may want to improve the marketing of your website for more exposure. Another important number that you should take note of if you have a website is the leads that you got. Don’t be worried if the percentages of leads against visitors are low. But you should see the numbers go up.

If you decide to make toys plush, then be prepared to look at statistics. Don’t worry because numbers are your friends in this case. They are like your friends who will tell you if your custom plush toys are working or not.…

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3 Parts To A Successful Small Business Marketing Campaign

Do you own and operate a small business?
Would you like a marketing campaign that adds new customers in droves?
If so, then you must consider these 3 components before you send out your next marketing message. Leaving one of these out is like trying to paint a masterpiece without a brush… a canvas… or paint.
It’s practically certain to flush your marketing money down the drain.
See for yourself:
3 Pieces To A Successful Small Business Marketing Masterpiece:
1. What is your message?
What message are you trying to say?
All too often, small business owners get caught up in telling their audience how long they’ve been in business. How great they are. Where they got their training. What services they offer. What their hours are. Where they are located.
Yadda… yadda… yadda.
This is your standard business card marketing message.
And it’s as boring as a TV dinner.
Want to know what’s going through someone’s head, when they read these things?
“So what? Who cares? What’s any of this stuff got to do with me and my problems?”
Instead of sending a message focused on you… write a message focused on your prospect!
2. What media are you using?
What platform are you using to get your marketing message across?
A sales letter?
An email?
A postcard?
A sign?
Maybe even Facebook?
This becomes a problem when you have the right message… but you use a media your prospect does not use. If this happens, then your marketing will fail.
Here’s an example:
Let’s say your ideal prospect is retired. They own their home. They have grandkids. And they drive a high end automobile like a Lexus.
And you take a stab at using Twitter to attract this audience. And after some time, you can’t seem to figure out why you only have 6 followers. It might be because older folks do not use Twitter… and therefore the media you’re using is bad.
On the flipside, an older prospect probably reads their mail.
So sending them a sales letter may be a better media for this group.
3. Who is your market?
Who are you going after?
You can have the best message… use the right media… but you will fall flat if you target the wrong audience.
For example:
If you are trying to sell high-end furniture to someone who lost their job, then your chances of making this sale are slim to none.
That’s because jobless people may not have $5,000 to drop on a new sofa and loveseat.
You should find out who your ideal prospect is long before you send any marketing messages.
Once you do this, you should go after your prospect like a kid running to open a pile of presents on Christmas morning!
Think about these 3 marketing principles. And then implement them into your next small business marketing campaign. And watch as your ROI gets a boost.…

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Two Custom Plush Toys on the Hot Holiday Toy List of Toys R Us

Two Custom Plush Toys on the Hot Holiday Toy List of Toys R Us

A lot of people are looking for the hottest and most popular in toys. Actually, there are at least two groups of people who do this. The first one is the group of people who are looking to create their own line of toys so that they can join and cash in on the huge demands. Most of them are looking at custom plush toys because they recognize that as far as the “hottest toys” tag goes, these cute stuffed toys are usually right up there. As a bonus, there is lots of room for new players in the industry.

The other group that’s looking for the most popular toys is the parents. Of course, they’re not looking for them for business purposes. They’re looking for them so that they can choose among them and give the “chosen one” as gift to their little one. This is especially true these days as Christmas is fast coming up. Surely, you don’t want to disappoint your kid with bad toys? This is why you’re looking for the most popular toys. This special season calls for special toys.

A good place to start looking is Toys R Us. It’s a very popular company that has been around for generations and can be considered as an authority in the industry. This is the reason why a lot of people are looking forward to its “Hot Holiday Toys” list. For this year, they have announced 15 of the best ones in the market right now and it’s a good place to start.

No one’s really surprised that two lines of custom plush toys made it to the prestigious list. The first one is the Sing-A-Ma-Jigs from Mattel that is fast becoming one of the most popular lines of all time. The line features several models of cute stuffed toys that sing different tunes! This is why it’s also called a collectors’ item.

You don’t have to be surprised that they can sing because great and experienced manufacturers can easily achieve that effect. There have been a lot of custom plush toys that feature recorded messages and most of them have been very successful.

The other line that made it to the list is the Pillow Pets. These cute stuffed toys are not just stuffed toys because they’re called Pillow Pets for a reason. With a simple flick of the Velcro strap, you can turn them into comfortable pillows. This makes them very popular as they serve two purposes.

It’s quite an accomplishment for the industry of plush toys to have two lines on the list. However, this is already expected as they’ve proven to be “hot” since time immemorial. What this list proves is you can incorporate a lot of ideas to make your own custom plush toys. You don’t have to settle for cute stuffed toys. You can team up with a very good manufacturer and you can discuss hundreds, even thousands of possibilities for them. Who knows? It might be the next big thing. If you play your cards right, you may make the list next year. One thing’s for sure though – stuffed toys will make the list again next year and the succeeding years after that.…

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Chinese Toys Are Awesome!

Chinese Toys Are Awesome!

China is the country with the biggest population in the world – just over 1.3 billion people (1,330,044,605 as of mid-2008). That is not the only prominent number. According to a research recently, 70% of toys all over the world are made in China, most of them in Guangdong province. So, what are the reasons contributing to the success of Chinese toy manufacture?

Firstly, it must be the diversity of Chinese toys. The toys are produced to meet different needs of consumers, from traditional toys to high technology toys. A noticeable feature of Chinese toy making plants is that they are very prompt and sensible to market. Whenever there is a new character that children are interested in, they can produce the toys of the character immediately. Moreover, the toys have become more and more creative, especially in the technology aspect. Nowadays, not only children but adults are also amazed at what these toys can do.

The next attraction of these toys is their price. Everybody will have to be shocked by their unexpectedly cheap prices. This is also a main reason that the toys have no competitors in every country. However, it doesn’t always work because the reduced prices mean they have to use cheap materials and sometimes they are very harmful. An illustration of this is the scandal with china toys involved Mattel and few other major toymaker companies. About a million items were sent back by worried parents and Wal-Mart and Toys R Us had to take them off the shelves. The reason is International studies shown that Chinese toys contain high amounts of lead!

Not all toys made in China are good for children, so governments should have proper policies to control the spread of Chinese toys in the world.…

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The Usefulness of the Storage Furniture

The Usefulness of the Storage Furniture

Buying furniture for the home should be a thoughtful decision as you don’t buy furniture too often. It is suggested that you should buy practical furniture, as good looking furniture may provide some good looks to your home but it may not be useful as well.

Elegant furniture if not placed in a correct place does not look good. It may be costly too. So when you are about to buy a furniture, keeping in mind about the area or some place where it would shine even more.

See that the furniture you are about to buy has some additional space to store in some useful items of the home. Looks are important but keep in mind about the furniture of additional space.

There are many companies nowadays who have recognized the significance of the storage furniture and prefer to manufacture storage compartment furniture.

A perfect example of this additional storage compartment furniture is a bench. A bench can be placed in any room of the house. It is easy to move as well. With the storage compartment, you will have the facility to keep the regular useful articles in the storage compartment, keeping your room tidy all the time.

If are planning to add some additional seating to your living room, then buy a bench with a storage compartment. It will not even add some seating but also it would keep your room tidy all the time as they would keep all the unused as well as the daily used items in the storage compartment.

Many furniture companies have understood the usefulness of the storage furniture and are designing very stylish as well as practical furniture. The TV trolley is also useful furniture. It can store the daily usage items of the lounge like magazines, newspapers, video games etc.

The storage capacity as well as the style should be important further see that the color of the furniture and the style should somehow be similar to the other furniture present in the room.…

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Why Is Used Dispersants in the Manufacturing of Paint?

Why Is Used Dispersants in the Manufacturing of Paint?

The effective dispersion of pigments and fillers in a coating system is critical and affects many aspects associated with the final performance of the system.

Among these aspects we can mention the energy required to obtain the milling and good color development, final product stability and water resistance and alkali dry film.

Dispersants greatly influence all these factors and require careful selection to optimize the systems.

The aqueous coatings historically followed the guidelines of the “coatings” of the paper industry: at first it was established that the polyphosphates were dispersing and cost-effective for titanium dioxide, calcium carbonate and kaolin.

When the industry became more efficient it should improve, too, the synthetic polyelectrolyte dispersants varying composition, are now well known and used in the coatings industry. These products are able to adsorb strongly on the pigment particles to a greater or lesser extent depending on the pigment system in which they are used.

The final assessment of any additive in a coating system is how the additive affects the other properties of sistema.Ahora well, assuming a wide range of chemicals can act as dispersing pigments themselves, and understanding the chemistry base contributes to the desirable properties of the coatings, we ask:

What are the potential advantages of using polymeric dispersants?

In physicochemical terms, polymeric dispersants can reduce interactions between pigment particles in a much more efficient than conventional dispersants. The most obvious is to reduce the viscosity of the formulation.

The ability to reduce interactions between pigment particles also confers certain benefits associated with the optimization of tinting pigments. We can subdivide the advantages of these dispersants in productivity gains (higher concentrations of pigment), color power (more efficient use of color) and coating quality.

1. Increased productivity:

It is possible to disperse pigment in a polymeric dispersant solution better than a resin solution. This will provide a base grind much higher concentration of pigment to any selected viscosity.

The concentrate is then diluted with grinding the resin to give the traditional coating.

There is an increase in productivity by achieving higher concentrations of pigment in the grind and with this, more effective utilization of equipment.

This is used in those considered difficult to disperse pigments and resins considered low dispersing power.

2. Increased strength of color:

All providers of dispersants say their use increases the effectiveness of the strength of the pigment, especially in these cases. This proved to be true if the size of the pigment particle is less than 0.1 microns.

It is recognized that the intrinsic strength of color increases with milling time, the speed with which it tends to plateau in the curve varies from one pigment to another.

The problem arises in those bases milling with high proportions of very small pigment particles as they are much more prone to flocculation.

It required an efficient dispersal system to stabilize these small particles so that the intrinsic strength of the color to develop on the surface of the coating. Given this case, the polymeric dispersants are usually much more efficient to stabilize the dispersion of fine particles that resins conventionally used in the coatings industry.…

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How Not to Promote Your Legitimate Home Based Business Opportunity

Promoting your legitimate home based business opportunity is the key to long term success. And believe it or not, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it. So it only stands to reason that knowing what not to do will save you a lot of time and effort–things you can’t afford to waste in today’s fast-paced marketplace.
Before I begin though, there is one aspect of your business life that must remain intact, no matter what happens. In fact, the earlier it is established, the more quickly you will see results. It is summed up in one word: Credibility. Credibility is at the core of all best practices when it comes to marketing and promotion. If placed above all else, you will naturally avoid many of the mistakes that cause most businesses to fail.
Now that we have that piece of business-saving advice out of the way, let’s get down to the nitty gritty.
The first things to avoid when promoting your legitimate home based business opportunity is using safelists. Now in case you are not familiar with that term, safelists are online services to which you pay a one-time or recurring monthly fee in exchange for the privilege of mailing out a solo ad to the rest of the people on the list. Members agree to receive emails from other members as a condition of regular participation. The idea is that everyone is of a like mind and will be open to at least some of the offers made by others’ advertising.
The problem is, most safelists are saturated with people promoting the same offers. Also, the emails, if they are even sent to the member’s primary email account, are hardly ever read at all. Usually, members set up a separate email address altogether for their list mail, and periodically dump it so that it does not bounce and result in suspension from the list.
The second thing you should not do to promote your legitimate home based business opportunity is to use a mass mailing program. Gone are the days when this was seen as an acceptable practice. With Can SPAM legislation and ISPs cracking down on first-time and repeat offenders, it is a sure way to get a complaint filed against you. At best, you can expect to lose your internet connection. At worst, you are looking at some hefty fines and/or criminal charges.
Even if you are using a “scrubbed list” from a reputable source, you never know what kind of offer prompted the prospect to enter their email. Advertisers are stooping to all new lows in order to extract that all-important valuable personal information from potential customers, only to turn around and sell it to list brokers and the like.
The last thing you definitely want to avoid is sending emails to your prospects from a non-business email address. Nothing screams amateur like a free Yahoo account. Most domains come with free email accounts, complete with multiple inboxes. Assuming you have your own website, or at least a domain name that you can forward, this is easily overcome.
Finally, here is a secret tip: While you are at the task of writing emails about your legitimate home based business opportunity, you may as well position yourself as a solutions provider. When you take the consultative approach to sales, you gain trust and confidence from your prospects. Eventually they come to look at you as someone who is simply there to help them get what they want.
And that, my friend is marketing at its best.…