Please Get Out of My Way – I’m Busy Going in Circles!

As a life and business coach, I’m immersed in the world of growth and positive change. And what I see consistently is people struggling. Not with staying busy; quite the contrary. Most small business owners I speak with are overwhelmed by the day-to-day activities of growing their business, while also hoping (sometimes in vain) to have a life outside of it. Sound familiar? 

There are 3 steps you can take-starting today-that will help you begin to create the business that you have been wanting. And the good news is that these are not complicated ideas! In fact, they are simple concepts:

Get clear

Get set

Get going

 “Get clear” means that you understand what business you are in and why you are in it. Beyond the usual questions about what products or services you offer and to whom, get clear about *why* having your target market use your products and services is personally important to you. How is your ideal customer better off by calling you instead of your competitor? How is the world better because they do? What is important to you about that? 

Connect every day with these thoughts and the great way you feel as you imagine more and more of your ideal clients coming forward to say yes to your business. This can be as simple as taking 10 minutes first thing each day to focus on what success-for today-looks like. 

Once you get clear, it’s time to get set. Getting set means that you remove obstacles that might get in your way. And I’m talking less about specific business challenges and more about the way you approach them. I find that many of my coaching clients want to know it all and do it all-right now! And the result is often that they get stuck in all of the wanting. Here’s a solution: set boundaries. Be willing to experiment with just 1 to 2 activities/tools/ideas that you feel will potentially move your business forward. 

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And once you know what you are willing to focus on, next be willing to say no (at least for now) to other things. Their time will come. For now, focus like a laser beam on a few doable steps that you are willing to commit to and to try. 

Finally, get going! Be willing to take action even though you may not know as much as you wish you did, or have all the evidence you wish you had that the activities you are trying will be successful. By taking action, you will learn a tremendous amount about what works and what you need to change: things you likely could not have learned otherwise.