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What Your Accountant Doesn’t Want You to Know

Are you getting tired of getting slapped around by the tax man? I finally became tired of selling my product, only to learn that those that had purchased rarely set aside time to implement it. I didn’t get my degree in accounting or even finance, but during a visit to my CPA’s office, I made an interesting discovery; he had people much less qualified than I was keeping my company books! What did that tell me?
Accounting Software has automated many of the processes of bookkeeping allowing business owners and/or bookkeepers spend less time with dull accounting tasks and are shortening the amount of time required on your company books. Many times, you are billed a monthly amount for work that took one of their in-house, minimum wage bookkeepers 10 minutes to complete.
Who knows a business better than a business owner. I know out-sourced accountants know about numbers, but they aren’t fighting in the trenches like the owner does, so who better to be involved in the accounting/financial matters of a company than the owner?
Now tell me, what business owners wouldn’t like to know how to read their own company financial’s? If you are a business owner, do you know your profit margins? Your break-even point? Do you know what capital structure is?
Remember, these are things they don’t want you to know because it keeps them in business while financial software begins to automate the tasks that many of us are paying a premium for.…