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Home Inventory – 3 Reasons To Have One Before A Disaster

The disasters continue to happen in all four of the seasons. Examples are the violent tornadoes across the Midwest, the earthquake on the East Coast and even record snow falls in Alaska. In addition to natural disasters, thefts continue to be frequent and fires match or exceed “normal” numbers. These events have encouraged people to ask me these questions about a personal property (home) inventory:
If I need to create a list, why not just wait until I have a disaster? Can’t I just do it after the fire/tornado/hurricane (you name it)?
The short answer is: Yes, you could wait.
The long answer is this: No, you don’t want to wait. There is a completely different baseline when you’re putting the information together as a proactive task – or in the preparedness mode. You’re providing peace of mind. You plan for the inventory and do it when you have the time (or call a nationally certified inventory professional to create it for you).
When in the reactive mode, the three main reasons to create it before a disaster come out loud and clear.
1 – After a disaster you’ll be emotionally distraught. How will you be able to sit down and remember everything? If all the photos are gone, you won’t even have old family pictures with your contents in the background to refer to. Additionally, your family will need you for emotional support.
2 – Whether you own your own business or work for someone else, you’ll most likely have to go to work within a few days. Where will you find the time to create your list, research to find “like” items and the amount you paid for each item?
Numbers one and two show why number three is key…
3 – You won’t be able to remember everything, or you won’t have the time to keep working on your claim and decide to “just be done with it” (something I often hear). Therefore, you won’t recover sufficiently. As a result, you won’t receive enough money to replace everything that was destroyed.
Being prepared is worth the time if you do it yourself, and worth the money if you hire a nationally certified home inventory service professional. There are so many people who have said to me, “I wish I had known of your service before this happened!” Don’t delay, as you don’t want to be one of those who wish they had.…

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