What Is a Solid Surface?

What Is a Solid Surface?

Solid surface is a man-made material made up of marble dust, bauxite, acrylic or polyester resin & pigments. The name solid surface comes from the fact that the material is solid throughout its thickness.

It is a non-porous, low maintenance, durable, and stylish surface. It comes in sheet form and several thicknesses which can be conjoined to have an invisible seam. It can be formed to shape and if broken or scratched can be repaired by a trained fabricator in most cases.

It is available in hundreds of colors and visual textures. From solid colors to combinations that simulate the effect of marble, wood grain, and granite. It can be finished to have a high gloss or a matte finish depending on the application.

Solid surface is stain & mildew resistant, anti-bacterial (because it is non-porous there is nowhere for bacteria to hide), it is heat and cold tolerant.

The applications for solid surface are varied; most people recognize it as being used for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops. In home applications it’s a good alternative to the more pricey marble countertops available. Its also more user friendly. Which in the home setting makes it worth the extra money over a traditional laminate (such as formica brand) countertop as it can stand up to a lot more abuse.

For those who are looking for the same type of look in other areas of their home solid surface can be used in table tops, mantels, mudrooms, window sills, etc. There are lots of great new ways to use this wonderful material in your everyday life.

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It has since become more popular in commercial and industrial settings, such as hospitals, offices, bars, museums, airports, etc. A small example of uses in these settings would be, bar tops, tables, reception desks, nurse’s stations, teller lines, check writing desks, check in counters, facades, meeting tables, window sills, and more. This is due to the fact that when you combine the non-porous characteristics with durability, renew-ability, and form ability it has become the material of choice for many designers and architects.

Recently it is being utilized in even more applications because of its durability and stylish elegance, such as nameplates, memorials and signs. More and more people are being inspired to come up with new possibilities.

Dozens of companies manufacture solid surface sheets for the commercial & local markets. Brands of solid surface are: Avonite, Corian, Formica Solid Surface, LG Hi-Macs, Staron & Wilsonart.

It is priced to compete with natural stone, quartz and marble, but with better qualities, such as seamlessness, reparability, durability, ease of care and maintenance, and design flexibility.