What to Avoid With Your Idea for Customized Stuffed Toys

What to Avoid With Your Idea for Customized Stuffed Toys

It’s very easy to understand why a lot of people are trying to come up with ideas for customized stuffed toys. Most of them have probably heard of success stories of people who turned their personal ideas into reality. Now, they’re cashing in and are very successful in the industry. When we look at these new plush toys, it’s either “Why didn’t I think of that?” or “I thought of it first!” for us. Unfortunately, it’s too late because someone already came up with it. You now have to think of other ideas for toys.

Most people would give up when they see other people succeeding. They’re probably thinking that he’s already gotten the “great idea” and there’s no way that they can think of something that great. This is especially true for customized stuffed toys. It’s easy to feel devastated when you see a great idea flying off the shelves when it could have been you who came up with that idea. Now, you’re probably feeling that there’s no other thing to do but move on.

What you don’t know is you can easily come up with your own ideas for toys – specifically plush toys. Fortunately, a lot of people take this road as they felt either inspired or challenged to come up with their own toys. Sadly, it’s very easy to get overzealous and that can set you up for probably the biggest roadblock in the toy industry – toy recalls.

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Here are the things that you should avoid with your idea for customized stuffed toys:

1. Lead

Majority of the toys recalled have traces of lead in them. Lead is a very dangerous substance that can cause brain damage. Most of these toys were manufactured overseas because the substance is already banned in the United States. This is the reason why you should only deal with a trusted manufacturer. While some of them have partners in other countries, they wouldn’t risk losing the trust of their customers by teaming up with shady companies.

2. Phthalate

This chemical is used to improve the “playability” of plastics. While it’s true that it can improve the toys by making them more flexible, a lot of medical groups are calling for a stoppage on its usage over growing health concerns. This is another reason why you should check out plush toys when you’re trying to look for ideas for toys. Since they’re not plastics, there’s no use for this substance.

3. Choking hazard

Kids wouldn’t be able to determine if the item that they’re holding can choke them. Being naturally curious, kids put almost anything in their mouths. This is why it’s a good idea to stay away from customized stuffed toys that have choking hazards. This is also another reason why you should team up with a reliable manufacturer. You want them to turn your idea into strong and durable plush toys, and they’ll have safety testing down to a science. This way, kids won’t be able to take them apart and there won’t be any choking hazards.

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Obviously, there are a lot of other things that you have to avoid but these are three common ones. If you have ideas for toys, you can start by talking to a trusted manufacturer. He’ll be able to tell you if your toy ideas are safe or not.